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How To See Damage Dealt in CS2 Explained

Check your damage stats and in-game performance with our guide on how to see your damage dealt in Counter-Strike 2.
How To See Damage Dealt in CS2 Explained

Counter-Strike 2 has finally arrived, following more than 6 months of beta testing. The game has proven to be well worth the anticipation, introducing a wealth of new elements like updated maps, dynamic smoke grenades, and "sub-tick server updates." However, amid this abundance of new features, some familiar aspects of CS:GO are now somewhat challenging to locate, such as the damage dealt indicator.

If you're having difficulty finding out how to view your damage output in CS2, don't worry – we've got you covered. Below, we will provide a step-by-step guide on precisely how to track your damage dealt while playing Counter-Strike 2.

How To See Damage Dealt in CS2

In Counter-Strike 2, the damage inflicted is displayed on the "end of the round" screen or the "scoreboard." These stats can be found underneath the avatar of each player at the top of your screen once the round ends. There are two numbers here, the first number highlighted beneath will indicate how much damage you've done to that specific player, and the second (smaller) number will indicate how many shots that player took to receive the previously mentioned amount of damage.

How To See Damage Dealt In CS2 Above
Players can see the damage dealt and how many shots it was dealt in by looking at the top of the screen once the round ends (highlighted in green). (Picture: YouTube / UnitedG PC)

For instance, if you dealt 25 damage in 2 hits, the values underneath that specific avatar will read "25 in 2", and while many players have noted that it bugs out at times during the match (when you die and respawn), it has been reliably proven to display at the very end of the match when the winning team is declared. 

The CS2 scoreboard offers a wealth of data that enables players to assess the performance of participants in the server. While statistics don't always provide the complete picture (they don't reveal, for instance, how often a player has executed a round-winning smoke), understanding the significance of all the statistics on the CS2 scoreboard can be highly beneficial. 

How To See Damage Dealt in CS2 Uses
Be sure to use this information to assess your skills and see what areas might need improvement. (Picture: Valve)

This might appear self-evident, but many players are unaware that Counter-Strike has an entire second scoreboard housing valuable data, such as damage dealt indicator, and even the number of enemies a player has blinded with flashes. So it's worth sticking around to the end of every catch to see how your damage is stacked up vs. how many shots you've been firing, as well as all sorts of other stats that can be useful for more seasoned players. 

This information will be key for new players who want to enhance their skills but also serves as a great benchmark for veteran players to check their skills and how well they're adapting to the new feel of CS2. And now that you know how to see the amount of damage you've dealt in CS2, you'll be all set to enhance yours and become a better all-round Coutner-Strike 2 player.