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How To Show FPS In Counter-Strike 2

Come and check out how to display FPS in Counter-Strike 2
How To Show FPS In Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 has finally been released to a wider active audience, blowing fans out of the water with excitement and new content. In consideration of the visual overhaul and upgrades that have taken place within Counter-Strike, players' FPS would have changed in comparison to Global Offensive, therefore forcing players to check their performance. 

Most players know how to check their FPS within Counter-Strike Global Offensive, but learning how to make the same checks in Counter-Strike 2 is essential. Players also have the option to check their FPS through Valves in-game overlay or the in-game console within Counter-Strike 2; within this guide, we'll cover both options to check your performance! 


Counter-Strike 2: How to Show FPS 

Checking your FPS within a competitive title is vital. The counter will ensure smooth gameplay and allow the player to understand their average FPS to know what settings they can use. To check your FPS and performance within Counter-Strike through the in-game engine, follow these easy steps:

  • Open the game settings menu
  • Enable the console setting 
  • Open the console by hitting the tilde key (or check keybinds under "console")
  • Type within the console "cl_showfps 1" and click "Enter"
  •  After clicking enter, you will be able to see the Counter-Strike 2 FPS counter appear in a small corner of your screen, accurately telling you the FPS of your game.

To enable the FPS counter through Valves overlay (most players preference) follow these steps:

  • Open Counter-Strike
  • Click "Shift+Tab" on the keyboard together 
  • Once the overlay appears, select the settings cog in the bottom right
  • Within the "in-game" tab of settings, select "In-game FPS counter" 
  • On the drop-down menu select which corner you wish the FPS counter to appear 
  • Then choose whether you want a "high contrast color" FPS counter or a dark grey 

The in-game FPS counter will only appear within Counter-Strike 2. However, if you decide to turn on the FPS counter through Valve's overlay, the FPS counter will appear for all Steam client games, forcing you to follow the same method to turn it off. Therefore, if you're interested in just a Counter-Strike FPS counter, follow the first set of instructions.