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Spirit donk, "For Me, Virtus.pro Is The Most Uncomfortable Team To Play Against"

Spirit made it to the arena again!
Spirit donk, "For Me, Virtus.pro Is The Most Uncomfortable Team To Play Against"
Picture: HLTV

Spirit has secured first seed by beating Virtus.pro by 2-0 and have qualified for BLAST Spring Final 2024 Semi-final. They won the first map, Ancient, with a massive difference as they put 13-4 on the board.

Although Virtus.pro tried to pull off a comeback on the second map, Dust2, after the score reached 11-5 in the favor of Spirit, they fell one round short of streching it to overtime.

In the post match interview, donk from Spirit shared that VP is the most uncomfortable team to play against for him because of their style; however, they won some important clutches that helped them reach the goal.

"For me they are the most uncomfortable team and this game was just a life game, I guess. I think they are sometimes comfortable to play against and sometimes not, but we should just play our game and we did it. So, we won," donk said.

He further explained, "Their style is hard for me and Jame's rotations on the map are smart, so it's kind of hard for me to play against him."

You will watch Spirit in action on June 15 against the winner of the quarter-final between FaZe and Vitality. You can check out our pick'ems for the whole event along with our in-depth coverage of BLAST Premier Spring Final 2024 on our dedicated CS2 section.