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Tarik Is Excited About Counter-Strike 2 But Is Hoping For More

Streamer and former CS:GO pro Tarik shares his thoughts about Counter-Strike 2 after trying out the Limited Test.
Tarik Is Excited About Counter-Strike 2 But Is Hoping For More

Counter-Strike 2 has been officially announced and players all over the world are buzzing with excitement. The Counter-Strike Series has cemented itself as one of the best competitive shooters ever created due to the attention to detail the game had. There are many who are excited about this game finally coming out.

During the Limited Test, there are certain influencers and pro players who got early access to CS2 so they can present to the public what they thought about the game. One of the players who got early access to CS2 was Tarik. Here, we are going to take a look at what some of his thoughts were after he played in the Limited Test for CS2.

What Did Tarik Thought Of CS2?

CS2 Tarik
Tarik said that he enjoyed playing CS2 from what he could play. (Picture: Valve)

Tarik has mostly transitioned in his career and he is more focused on making content rather than being a professional player. He focuses on Valorant content right now but he made a name for himself in the competitive CS:GO scene when he was active. Tarik said that he thinks the game is fun and he thought it was cool that the game has gone through some upgrades.

Although he said that, Tarik is hoping for more. He said that even though "changing anything in CS is huge, it is just CS but a little different." He is hoping that when CS2 eventually launches, they add a lot more stuff to the game. This means although he is happy with the changes, he is definitely expecting more to bring him back in.

Will CS2 Be Adding More Content To The Game?

CS2 Tarik
Tarik also seems like he is hoping for newer content to come to CS2. (Picture: Valve)

At the time of this writing, no one really knows what is coming with CS2. Although there was a Limited Test for CS2, not a lot of info has come from Valve themselves about what the game should be like. Some are starting to speculate it will be much like CS:GO getting a massive upgrade, but not much additional stuff is coming.

Tarik said that changing anything in CS is amazing, but he is expecting more from Valve it seems. After all, games like Overwatch 2 were plagued with criticism due to the fact that major pieces of content like a story mode were left out at launch. Tarik seems to be hoping for more from the CS2 team.