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Counter-Strike 2 & CS:GO Joins Virtex Stadium As First Big Esports Titles

Virtex has announced a partnership with Skybox, bringing CS:GO and its successor, CS2, to its Virtex Stadium platform.
Counter-Strike 2 & CS:GO Joins Virtex Stadium As First Big Esports Titles

Watching top-tier CS:GO matches is arguably one of the most exhilarating experiences in all of esports, and there's no reason to believe Counter-Strike 2 will be any different. But what if you could be on the map as the gameplay unfolds? That's where a partnership between software dev Virtex and analysis/spectating platform Skybox comes into play.

Yes, Virtex and Skybox have partnered up, and they are introducing Counter-Strike 2 and CS:GO to the Virtex Stadium platform, the world’s first virtual esports stadium, as the first major esports titles.

Please note: You can head to the Virtex Stadium website for a chance at joining the Closed Beta.

CS2 & CS:GO in Virtex Stadium

Virtex Skybox counter-strike 2 CS2 CS:GO gaming VR Virtual Reality Virtex Esports Stadium
CS:GO in the Virtex Esports Stadium! (Picture: Virtex/Skybox)

After more than a year of work to integrate Counter-Strike maps into the Virtex stadium and ensuring that gameplay features and map control all function smoothly, Virtex and Skybox have created the world's first immersive 3D viewing experience for the beloved FPS titles.

Check out an explanation of what you can expect via a Press Release we've received below:

This 3D experience of being able to view gameplay from the centre of the stadium is a world first and it forms the foundation of Virtex’s ambition to become home to the most memorable and unique events in gaming. Experiencing those breathtaking moments at the same time unifies the fan collective and this is guaranteed by everyone in the stadium receiving the same synced live stream.

Once ready, fans are free to enter the lobby and move into the lounge bar and main hall, relaxed hangout spaces perfect for meeting with friends and other fans, and together they can discover some of the games and fun interactions hidden here. By removing local limitations, Virtex Stadium allows fans to watch their favourite live events alongside friends and family, wherever they are in the world. 

It is currently in closed beta for desktop with compatible VR headsets. The developers plan to add the ability to broadcast Counter-Strike matches to the Virtex Stadium in the "near future."

You can either spectate each round of CS from a seat in the Virtex Stadium or take full control of your experience to dive into the map, getting up close and personal.

Virtex Skybox counter-strike 2 CS2 CS:GO gaming VR Virtual Reality Virtex Esports Stadium
Be right in the middle of the Counter-Strike action! (Picture: Virtex / Skybox)

Virtex co-founder, Tim Mcguiness, states:

We are thrilled to be introducing a massive title like Counter Strike to the Virtex Stadium and giving more fans the opportunity to enjoy top-level gameplay in a way that’s never been done before. As the third most watched esport last year, CS:GO already has an enormous following and we’re excited to be working with Skybox to deliver a 360° spectating experience unique to every fan. As a die-hard esports fan I can’t wait to announce more of the upcoming tournaments we are set to feature in the stadium. 

Virtex Skybox counter-strike 2 CS2 CS:GO gaming VR Virtual Reality Virtex Esports Stadium
That's Dust II Long right there! (Picture: Virtex / Skybox)

Eithan Cooper, the CEO of Skybox Technologies, explains:

I met the Virtex team in 2021 and from the first discussion it was clear we shared the same passion and drive to enhance the gamer experience through digital innovation. Virtex were firmly focused on recreating the live stadium experience in a virtual reality environment and we believed this to be a great touch point for our real-time technology and game recreations.

The Virtex guys have done an outstanding job at building out the Virtex Stadium over the past year. We are proud that via the Skybox & Virtex partnership fans can soon experience live Counter-Strike in a whole new way. It’s an exciting time for our respective companies and we are looking forward to continuing our partnership with additional game titles and new experiences.

To be clear, Counter-Strike (CS:GO and CS2) is the second esports title to feature on the Virtex Stadium platform. The first was Echo VR integration.

To be honest, I simply can't wait to see CS:GO and CS2 from such an amazing viewpoint, and maybe even join some of my friends in the virtual stadium!

Check out the official announcement trailer aptly entitled "A New Era of Counter-Strike Esports" below to see what all the fuss is about.

The future is bright indeed, as the partnership between Virtex and Skybox is just the beginning. We can expect more Counter-Strike announcements about tournaments, alongside other esports titles, joining the Virtex Stadium "in the coming months."