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"We’re In Grand Final. Where's Rest Of The Teams?" NAVI's jL On Criticism After Major

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"We’re In Grand Final. Where's Rest Of The Teams?" NAVI's jL On Criticism After Major
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NAVI has finally made it to the BLAST Spring Final 2024 Grand Final and will be up against Spirit in a best-of-five series. After their Major Copenhagen win, NAVI has received a lot of criticism and even Aleksib mentioned after their win against FaZe in the group stage that they are finally playing CS that we haven't seen from them since the Major.

Now that NAVI is in Grand Final, jL was asked by esports.net about the criticism the team received in the past few months. He shared that he doesn't really care what people say and that winning Major wasn't a fluke. Right now, they might not be the best team but they are in the Grand Final and other major teams like FaZe and Vitality are out.

"I don’t really care what other people say. Was it a fluke? Was it a one-time tournament? We won the Major. We were the best team at the Major, hence why we won it, it doesn’t matter the bracket," jL said.

He further added, "We played the winner that beat Spirit, Vitality. We beat FaZe fair and square. Some people are saying it was a fluke Major or whatever. We were the best team at that time, maybe we’re not the best team now but look at us. We’re in the Grand Final and where’s the rest of the teams? Vitality is out, FaZe is out."

NAVI jL to Esports.net about playing on stage.
NAVI jL to Esports.net about playing on stage. (Picture: GGBET/BLAST/GINX)

You can watch Spirit taking on NAVI in-person at OVO Arena Wembley in London or you can watch the match online at the official BLAST Premier Twitch and YouTube channels. 

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