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CS2 Zeus Skins To Be Released Soon

Come and check out the potential upcoming skins for Counter-Strike's Zeus!
CS2 Zeus Skins To Be Released Soon

Counter-Strike, for years, has been a playground of expression, offering players the opportunity to purchase weapons, player, and glove skins to exhibit that best suit them. Often, these cosmetics cost the player hundreds of dollars, never discouraging players from committing to the purchase of skins and using their colorful in-game additions to kill terrorists and disarm bombs, despite whether or not they suit the context of Counter-Strike!

However, one widely renowned weapon remains without cosmetics: the ultimate clown gun, the Zeus. The Zeus has been the most reliable trolling weapon in Counter-Strike since September 2013. Having players purchase the weapon with a desire to cause frustration and humiliation to their enemy often causes an agitated response to whoever was killed by the Zeus because it's a taser that only functions at a distance of one to two meters from the enemy. Despite the mass attention, popularity, and iconic symbolism, Zeus has never received any skins by Valve, although, with the Counter-Strike Source 2 update coming soon, the potential of skins arises again. 


Counter-Strike: Zeus Skins Coming Soon 

Many players will be incredibly apprehensive about the statement "Zeus skins coming soon" because it's been mentioned repetitively for years by YouTubers. However, recent additions to the Counter-Strike 2 Beta lead to the high possibility of Zeus skins reaching the Counter-Strike platform within the next couple of months. Those who are aware of the Zeus functions in Counter-Strike Global Offensive won't know that the Zeus is the only usable weapon in Counter-Strike that doesn't have an "inspect" animation. 

The inspect animation is purely used to view the skin of a weapon, and due to the Zeus not having any skins, this function wasn't necessary for Valve to add. Recently, the Counter-Strike 2 Beta released an update that gives the player the ability to inspect the Zeus, leading to the high likelihood that skins are going to be released within Counter-Strike 2. 

The Zeus has additionally received an entire rework, with Valve changing the aesthetics and body of the Zeus, making the weapon look more pristine and different than before. With both the additions of a rework and the ability to inspect the Zeus, it appears relatively obvious that we're going to receive the chance to purchase and unlock skins for the Zeus. 


Counter-Strike: How to View Zeus Skins 

Zeus skins have been a growing concept for years, with players spending hours within workshop tools to design skins for the weapon, hoping Valve would eventually take a liking to the idea. Players are actually able to visit the Steam workshop and view the Zeus skins made by Counter-Strike skin designers to get a general idea of what the skins would look like. Additionally, highly respected skins in the workshop will likely make an appearance in future Zeus skin cases due to Valve supporting designers and paying for the rights to their designs.

Here's how to view Zeus skins in Counter-Strike:

  1. Open the Steam client or webpage 
  2. Navigate to the "Community" dropdown and select "Workshop" 
  3. In the search bar, search: "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive"
  4. Under "Browse", select "Items" 
  5. Use the search bar and search "Zeus"

After completing these instructions, you will see a wide range of different Zeus skin concepts that players have designed for potential usage. Unfortunately, some of these concepts have been swept away by time, being unused and stored away in the community workshop for years. However, some light may start shining through onto these designs in light of the new Counter-Strike update, forcing Valve to potentially make decisions that include these skins.