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How To Get The Bronze Key In Crow Country

Here's how to get the Bronze Key in Crow Country, and what it unlocks.
How To Get The Bronze Key In Crow Country
(Picture: SFB Games)

There are quite a few key items in Crow Country that require some puzzle-solving to obtain, and the Bronze Key is one of the first ones you’ll need to get. The Bronze Key is an important item for progressing in Crow Country, since it unlocks many different doors and gates throughout the amusement park. Here’s how to get the Bronze Key

Crow Country: How To Get The Bronze Key

Getting the Bronze Key in Crow Country is a multi-step process. It’s the first major item in the game, so you’ll need to complete a few puzzles to get to it. Early on in the game, you'll find Staff Note #2, which lets you know that the Bronze Key is in the Fairy Pond, but you can't access it yet:

fairy pond puzzle crow country
A staff note tips you off that solving the Fairy Room puzzle is your ticket to getting the Bronze Key. (Picture: SFB Games)

Fairy Room Code & Phrase

First, you’ll need to open up the Fairy Room in Fairytale Town by entering a code in the pin pad and speaking a certain phrase to the fairy. You may or may not have already come across these codes as you've searched the area.

fairy crow country
You'll need to enter a code in the pin pad to the left of the Fairy, and then speak to her. (Picture: SFB Games)

To get the code you’ll need, you can check the note left in the hallway of Fairytale Town, which Mara notes is by Arthur. It says “Tree Girl: 3184“.

You’ll find the phrase that you’ll need to speak to the fairy on a staff note (Staff Note #34) on the wall of Crow's Lounge, which is attached to the northwest utility corridor.

Now that you have your codes, you can use them! Enter the code 3184 on the pin pad next to the fairy statue and speak to the fairy: “Hear me, oh Great Fairy, of Fairest Forest.” This will open up a passageway that leads to a new area.

Hidden Fairy Room Puzzle

In the hidden room behind the fairy, you’ll find some water, as well as a curtain and some other mechanisms on the wall. Pull back the curtain to reveal a meter, which is mostly red with a white section in the middle. 

Use the red lever on the left wall to adjust the meter, turning it until it’s just above the little white area. Be careful to avoid the steam that will come out of the valve when you turn it, since this can damage you and even kill you if you're not careful.

Quickly run up to the meter and pull the lever on it when the line falls into the white area. If you make a mistake, you might trigger the ventilator to turn on, which will cause toxic fumes to fill up the room. Turn it off by making your way to the back corner of the room, behind the red valve, to turn off the ventilator and override its controls.

Once you successfully complete the puzzle, a target will be revealed over the water. Shoot the targets on the wall behind the water; shooting one target will reveal the second one. Next, the fairy will come up from the water. Approach it and interact to get the Bronze Key

Which Doors Does The Bronze Key Unlock?

Once you have the Bronze Key, you can use it to unlock several doors. The Bronze Key unlocks: 

  • Bronze Gate (unlocks Haunted Hills area from main Crow Country area)

  • Dig Site

  • Train Room (which helps you unlock the Flamethrower)