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How To Get The Golden Key In Crow Country

Here's where you can find the Golden Key in Crow Country and what you'll need to do to get it.
How To Get The Golden Key In Crow Country
(Picture: SFB Games)

The Golden Key is one of the last items you'll get in Crow Country as you progress through the story, and is also one of the most important. It lets you get into Crow's Office and open up some other doors and locks that will help you complete puzzles. Here's how to get the Golden Key in Crow Country.

Crow Country: How To Get The Golden Key

As we mentioned, the Golden Key is one of the last items you'll get in Crow Country. To get it, you'll need to have already powered the elevators by completing Tolman's Elevator Puzzle, as well as have gone downstairs and gotten some Acid from one of the underground Root rooms to fill your Acid Bottle. Then, you can go upstairs and obtain the Golden Key.

elevator acid
After going down the Elevator, you'll need to fill up your Bottle with Acid. (Picture: SFB Games)

To get the Golden Key, go into the Theater (one of the last unsolved puzzles on your map, identified with a circle) in the Fairytale Town area and find the vat in the corner of the room filled with water. You've likely been to this area before, as you solved other puzzles.

Walk up to the vat and select your Acid Bottle to pour the acid inside. Then, approach the fairy sitting on the stage and shoot off her head to reveal a key suspended in resin. To get it out, use the red valve in front of the stage to activate the acid-filled sprinklers until the key is out of the resin.

Now that you've got the Golden Key, you can use it to open up Crow's Office, one of the most mysterious locations in the game! Just remember that before opening this door, you'll also need to have turned off the electrification that blocks it.