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How To Solve Mush Room Puzzle In Crow Country

Here's how to solve the Mush Room puzzle in Crow Country.
How To Solve Mush Room Puzzle In Crow Country
(Picture: SFB Games)

Every area in Crow Country has tons of puzzles to solve, including the Mush Room in Fairytale Town. In this room, you’ll find lots of mushrooms on plates along with a mysterious character called the Mushroom King. You might have some trouble completing this puzzle, as it’s one of the more difficult ones in the game. To help you out, here’s how to finish the Mush Room puzzle in Crow Country and unlock the reward. 

How To Solve Mush Room Puzzle

Once you enter the Mush Room in Crow Country, you’ll find plates of various different mushrooms and the Mushroom King, who will let you know the scientific name of each mushroom, as well as its common name. You can find the common names of each mushroom on the papers on the wall - one paper lists the poisonous mushrooms, while the other one lists the non-poisonous mushrooms.

mush room crow country
The Mush Room puzzle is in the Fairytale Town area, but can't be accessed at the very beginning. (Picture: SFB Games)

Your first thought might be to eat just the “good” mushrooms,or otherwise determine which of the mushrooms you’ll need to eat and which ones you need to leave alone. However, the answer is actually much simpler than that. 

To solve the puzzle, you’ll need to eat all of the mushrooms on the table. Yes, some of the mushrooms will poison you or injure you, so be sure that you have some Antidotes and Med Kits on hand before attempting it. It’s a good idea to keep track of which mushrooms you’re eating and heal after each poisonous one, or use an Antidote if necessary.

Remember that eating several poisonous mushrooms in a row will instantly kill you, so be careful. (Note that there’s a staff note on the wall of this room that tells you not to eat any of the mushrooms - don’t take its advice! You need to eat them all, just do so strategically.)

Once you’ve eaten all of the mushrooms, talk to the Mushroom King, and he’ll reveal another smaller mushroom inside, who will grant you an upgrade for your magnum! You’ll get the gold-plated magnum for finishing the Mush Room puzzle. This also grants you progress toward the Wishes Granted achievement, which you’ll earn if you also get upgrades for all of your other weapons.