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All Maps In Dark And Darker

Here's a list of every single map available in Dark and Darker.
All Maps In Dark And Darker

During Dark and Darker's first playtest, developers included only two maps; however, over time, they added another map that players can enjoy as a solo experience. It's possible that developers will add even more maps when the game is ready for a full release on Steam for PC. For now, though, let's take a look at every single one of the maps currently available in Dark and Darker.

7 June 2023 Update - We've updated this article with any changes to the full list of maps in Dark and Darker.

dark and darker maps
There are three different maps available in Dark and Darker. (Picture: IRONMACE Games)

All Maps In Dark And Darker

As we mentioned, there are three maps available in Dark and Darker. One of the maps is a solo map, while the others are intended to be played with friends.

The Goblin Caves Map

The Goblin Caves map is the newest map in Dark and Darker and was added by developers to create a place that players can explore without the help of others. As the game's only map intended for solo players, it's smaller than other maps and has a totally free queue. The loot pool is almost the same as the Forgotten Castle map, ensuring that even if you choose to go on a solo adventure, you'll be able to progress and pick up the same loot as you could if you played with your friends. The enemies are Common and Elite, so you'll need to prepare to fight both relatively weak and strong enemies.

The Forgotten Castle Map

The Forgotten Castle map is designed to be the game's standard dungeon and is meant for multiple players at once to explore. Like the Goblin Caves map, you won't need to pay anything to get in, and you'll face both Common and Elite enemies. The main difference between the Forgotten Castle map and the Goblin Caves map is their sizes; the Forgotten Castle map is significantly larger, with more surface area to explore.

The forgotten castle map high rollers
The Forgotten Castle Map (High-Rollers) is the only map to have an entrance fee. (Picture: IRONMACE Games)

The Forgotten Castle Map (High-Rollers)

The Forgotten Castle Map (High-Rollers) is a high-level dungeon intended to be a more challenging mode. Unlike the other two maps, you need to pay an entrance fee to get in. If you make enough money, you'll come out with far more than you paid to get in; there are tons of opportunities to get loot in The Forgotten Castle, including Unique loot, which cannot be found anywhere else in the game. At the same time, The Forgotten Castle is challenging and risky, so don't try it unless you have the money to spare.

Those are all of the maps available in Dark and Darker. It's possible more maps will be added upon the game's release, and we will be sure to add them here!