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Are The Games Classes Free To Play In Dark and Darker?

In this guide, we discuss whether the classes in Dark and Darker are free to play, and the details surrounding them.
Are The Games Classes Free To Play In Dark and Darker?

Dark and Darker offers a captivating take on the dungeon extraction experience. A significant part of its allure comes from its diverse weapons, items, and especially the various player classes. However, newcomers to the game might be puzzled about whether these classes are freely accessible, especially in light of some recent rumors.

In this guide, our goal is to clarify the availability of the different classes in Dark and Darker, addressing whether they're free or come at a cost. Let's dive in.

Are Dark And Darker Games Classes Free To Play? 

In simple terms, not all classes in Dark and Darker can be played for free. While the game initially gained some success after its early access release this week, it has faced significant criticism for its microtransactions. Specifically, many fans are unhappy with the developer, Ironmace, for selling additional character classes and races through the in-game store, especially during the early access phase.

Dark And Darker Are Classes Free To Play Not currently
As it stands, some of the game's classes are still locked behind paywalls. (Picture: IRONMACE Games)

Players understand that evolving online games may introduce paid features, but they find it challenging to accept this approach in the early access stage. Some players question how they can properly test and provide feedback on new classes if they are locked behind a paywall.

A Reddit post expressed the community's dissatisfaction, with users particularly concerned about the game's purchase model. Some players defended the sales as a convenience option and a way for Ironmace to generate much-needed funds, given the ongoing legal battle with Nexon, which resulted in the game being removed from Steam earlier this year.

Despite some defenders, many fans are unhappy with the current approach, especially considering the game's purchase price of $35 or $50 for a founder's edition.

Dark And Darker Are Classes Free To Play Complaints and response to push back
Players have raised their concerns, and it appears that the developers may change this system in the future. (Picture: IRONMACE Games)

But the contention isn't limited to just microtransactions. The game's progression system is also under fire for the slow and linear scaling of shard requirements. To unlock a single class, players must commit to significant grinding, accumulating 375 points from extractions.

In response to this backlash, Ironmace seems to be re-evaluating their strategies. Even as character classes are up for sale, Terence Park, Ironmace's CEO, has advised against making purchases on the Dark and Darker Discord. He's even hinted at potential refunds for those who've already bought.

Though an official statement is pending, a developer has intimated to PC Gamer that changes might be on the horizon, with a definitive announcement likely in the near future. We'll keep you informed on any updates.