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Best Rogue Builds In Dark and Darker: Guide to Skills and Perks

A guide to the best Rogue builds in Dark and Darker.
Best Rogue Builds In Dark and Darker: Guide to Skills and Perks

Dark and Darker has 8 classes to choose from when creating your character. If you're going to have any chance of successfully escaping the game's grueling dungeons, you have to know how to make the best of the class you pick. This guide will go through the best Rogue builds, including information on the class playstyle, weapons, armor, and abilities.

Note - Dark and Darker Patch 2 was released on November 22 and all eight classes have had their base attributes rebalanced to include two new attributes (Vigor & Dexterity). We'll update this build guide shortly to relfect any changes.

Rogue Class Overview

Rogues are masters of speed and stealth. They have unique strengths in picking locks, stealing from enemies, and disarming traps. Their primary weapons tend to be daggers but ranged attacks are available to them through the Hand Crossbow or Throwing Knives. With the lowest health pool of any class in Dark and Darker, this class is best when played from the shadows. 

All Rogue Perks

Perks passively buff your character. At your starting level, you have one perk slot. The number of perk slots increases at Level 5, Level 10, and Level 15.

rogue_perk_1 Ambush The first attack within 3 seconds after leaving stealth deals 50% additional weapon damage.
rogue_perk_2 Back Attack Increases physical damage bonus by 30% when attacking from behind the target.
rogue_perk_3 Creep When crouch walking, the volume of the footstep sound is significantly reduced and the movement speed is increased by 5%.
rogue_perk_4 Dagger Mastery Increases your physical damage bonus by 10% when attacking with a dagger.
rogue_perk_5 Double Jump You can jump again while jumping. After landing, your movement speed is temporarily reduced by 30 move speed for 3 seconds.
rogue_perk_6 Hand Crossbow Mastery The rogue can equip the hand crossbow.
rogue_perk_7 Hidden Pockets Items worn in utility slots do not appear on the waist.
rogue_perk_8 Jokester The rogue lightens the mood, giving all party members around him a +2 all attributes buff. 
rogue_perk_9 Lockpicking Mastery Ability to pick locks without a lockpick.
rogue_perk_10 Pickpocket You can steal an enemy's item from the dungeon.
rogue_perk_11 Poisoned Weapon A successful attack applies poison that deals 4 magic damage over 4 seconds. The poison can stack up to 5 times at once.
rogue_perk_12 Shadow Runner 15% movement speed increases for 3 seconds when coming out of hiding.
rogue_perk_13 Stealth If you are hiding, you can move 10 steps while crouching or slow walking.
rogue_perk_14 Thrust Attacks through armor gaps, ignoring 15% of the target's physical damage reduction when attacking.
rogue_perk_15 Trap Detection Highlights nearby traps. Highlighted traps can be disarmed by the player. 

All Rogue Skills

Skills need to be activated before they affect your character. This is done by pressing 'Q' or 'E'. Up to two skills can be added to your build at a time. 

rogue_skill_1 Caltrops Drops Caltrops at your feet that deal 10 physical damage and slows the movement speed of anything that steps on them by 50% for 2 seconds.
rogue_skill_2 Cut Throat When the next attack succeeds, the target becomes silenced for 3 seconds. Silence: Disables skills/spells/performance abilities.
rogue_skill_3 Hide Become invisible. It is possible to change your equipment in this state. You are revealed when you attempt an action, such as moving, attacking, or using a skill.
rogue_skill_4 Rupture The next successful attack causes the target to bleed for 20 physical damage over 5 seconds. The buff is consumed when an attack hits an object or target.
rogue_skill_5 Smoke Pot A smoke pot is deployed creating a smoke screen. The smoke screen lasts 30 seconds and covers a 6m area. When a hostile target enters the smoke screen, their movement speed is reduced by 20%.
rogue_skill_6 Tumbling When used, backtumbles in the opposite direction the player is facing.
rogue_skill_7 Weakpoint Attack When the next attack succeeds, it deals 50% additional weapon damage to the target. If the hit is successful, the target's armor rating is reduced by 40% for 5 seconds.

The Best Rogue Builds In Dark and Darker

Beginner Rogue Build

Recommended loadout: In terms of armor, prioritize those pieces that don't hamper your movement speed. While daggers are the standard choice, the added range afforded by the Rapier is helpful for Rogues who are just starting out. 

Recommended perks: Poisoned Weapon delivers an extra punch of magic damage with each hit you make. This perk is the best way to fill out your singular perk slot. 

Recommended skills: Hide is a quintessential Rogue skill, allowing you to go invisible and remain hidden until the perfect moment to strike. Make the most of this ambush with Weakpoint Attack. This skill makes your initial attack extra deadly and then makes the target more vulnerable to your subsequent attacks.

Trios Rogue Build

With the support of your party members, you can afford to be a little more aggressive. The timing of when you engage is key though. Syncronise with your teammates to slip in and out of the frontline, delivering swift attacks while staying out of danger.

Recommended loadout: The Stiletto Dagger is a super speedy little weapon; likely the fastest in the entire game. This is perfect for laying a couple of hits into an enemy in quick succession.

Recommended perks: Poisoned Weapon remains a strong perk choice. Jokester, Lockpicking Mastery, and Trap Detection are class-unique benefits that can serve you and your party well. 

Recommended skills: Rupture does residual damage to the target of your attack; chipping away at their health even when you've retreated to safety. Weakpoint Attack is great as it rewards the multi-hit attack pattern of a Stiletto Dagger.

Solo Queue Rogue Build

As a solo Rogue, your best bet is to remain in the shadows as much as possible. The easiest way to get the upper hand in a 1v1 is to catch your enemy off guard with an attack from behind.

Recommended loadout: The Castillion Dagger is slightly slower but offers a much heftier damage output. As you don't have to contend with an entire party of player enemies, you can focus on delivering one concentrated strike rather than multiple weaker blows.

Recommended perks: Stealth provides you with extra mobility while in hiding which is helpful for positioning yourself perfectly before striking. The power of your sneak attacks can be boosted by Ambush and Back Attack. A surprise one-shot kill is the best-case scenario for a lone rogue, so the 10% damage bonus given by Dagger Mastery is a worthwhile addition.

Recommended skills: Weakpoint Attack and Hide are the best combination for this build.