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How To Use The Campfire In Dark And Darker

If you're wondering how to use the campfire to heal in Dark and Darker, you've come to the right place.
How To Use The Campfire In Dark And Darker

The upcoming dungeon crawler Dark and Darker allow players to explore dungeons with friends, encountering terrifying enemies and gathering epic loot along the way. While venturing through the dungeons is a decidedly fun experience, it isn't all peaches and cream; you'll inevitably take some injuries while making your way through the dungeon, and what better way to heal than curling up by the campfire?

The campfire is an important but often overlooked healing mechanic in Dark and Darker, so in this guide, we'll go over how the campfire works and how to use it for yourself.

7 June 2023 Update - We've updated this article with any changes to the campfire in Dark and Darker.

campfire dark and darker
The campfire will allow you and teammates to heal in Dark and Darker. (Picture: IRONMACE Games)

How To Use The Campfire In Dark And Darker

Thankfully, using a campfire in Dark and Darker is pretty easy. You'll first need to head to the Merchants tab and go to the Woodsman. From there, you can purchase stacks of wood that will allow you to start a campfire. Depending on the color of the wood you purchase, the campfire's effects will vary in strength.

These are all of the colors of wood in Dark and Darker:

  • Grey
  • White
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Orange

Once you've picked out your wood, find a place to stand in the dark. Next, just press your interaction button, and you'll be able to create the campfire. Remember, though, that you'll need to have the wood in your inventory before you start exploring the dungeon, or this will not work.

What Does The Campfire Do In Dark And Darker?

dark and darker game campfire
While exploring through the dungeons, you'll need to take the time to stop and recover both your health and abilities at the campfire, which you can create yourself. (Picture: IRONMACE Games)

The campfire in Dark and Darker allows you to heal and regain stamina. As you sit around the campfire, you'll not only regain your health but also quickly regain the ability to cast spells and complete abilities. If you're low on health or need to use your abilities after you've ventured deep into one of Dark and Darker's dungeons, you should create a campfire as soon as possible to help you heal.

In this guide, we've gone over everything you need to know about the campfire in Dark and Darker and how to use this great healing resource. All you'll need to do is grab some wood and start the fire - but don't forget to have it in your inventory before you start the dungeon to ensure you're prepared!