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How Many People Can Play Dark And Darker?

Wondering how many people can play a game of Dark and Darker? Here's the answer to that question.
How Many People Can Play Dark And Darker?

In Dark and Darker, you'll explore deep dungeons to grab amazing loot with your friends. As the game nears its planned release date, many people are wondering just how many friends you can rally together to play a game of Dark and Darker. After all, while you can venture into a dungeon b yourself, it definitely isn't ideal as you'll be facing off against many others groups of explorers.

In this guide, we'll go over how many people can play Dark and Darker in one game at one time.

April 2023 UPDATE - Dark and Darker Playtest 5 is supposed to start later this month, but with the uncertainty surrounding the game and the legal battle with Nexon, it's unclear if this will still go ahead.

dark and darker max lobby size
Dark and Darker has a maximum party size of three. (Picture: IRONMACE Games)

Dark And Darker Max Party Size

In Dark and Darker, you can create a team of up to three people (including you) to explore dungeons with you. In other words, a single party can hold a maximum of 3 players. The maximum party size does not change depending on the type of dungeon you enter or its challenge level.

Dark And Darker Max Lobby Size

So each party can have up to three players in it - but how many people can enter a Dark and Darker dungeon at the same time? Multiple groups enter a dungeon at once, with up to six teams in a dungeon during any given match. This means you'll end up with a maximum of eighteen players in a Dark and Darker match. In the High-Roller map, you could end up with a maximum of twenty players in your lobby. 

Dark and Darker has released its latest play test build for players to try out, but the game will not officially release until later this year. Before the full game officially releases, it's possible that we could see some changes to the number of players allowed in a Dark and Darker dungeon at one time. For now, though, the number has stayed the same throughout the play tests IRONMACE has offered. 

That's all you need to know about how many players can play in one Dark and Darker match. While one party can hold a maximum of three players, a match can hold up to six parties, adding up to a total of 18 players. We'll be the first to let you know if this changes before the release of Dark and Darker in late 2023.