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How To Dual Wield In Dark And Darker

Here is how to dual wield weapons in the dungeon crawler Dark and Darker.
How To Dual Wield In Dark And Darker

Players can dual-wield weapons in Dark and Darker to gain an advantage over enemies,. You'll be able to attack using two different types of weapons while dual wielding by switching between them whenever you choose. If you're new to the dungeon crawler, though, it might not be obvious how you can hold on to two weapons at the same time, and you might be asking yourself, "how do I dual wild in Dark and Darker?"

Don't fret if you want to learn how to dual-wield in Dark and Darker, as learning this combat mechanic is simpler than it seems. In this guide, we'll explain how to dual-wield in Dark and Darker so you can wield two weapons at once and take down enemies more efficiently.

7 June 2023 Update - We've updated this article with any changes on how to dual-wield in Dark and Darker.

dual wielding dark and darker
You can dual wield in Dark and Darker by holding two weapons, one primary weapon and one secondary weapon. (Picture: IRONMACE Games)

How To Dual Wield In Dark And Darker

Dual wielding - or holding two different weapons at once - in Dark and Darker does not require any special maneuvers, but you will need to prepare before you enter the dungeon if you want to do so. All you'll need to do is place one primary weapon and one secondary weapon in your loadout next to one another. You can't dual-wield two primary weapons or two secondary weapons, so if you aren't able to use two weapons in your loadout, double-check that you're not trying to use two of the same type. To check whether a weapon is primary or secondary, just look at its description.

Dual wielding is advantageous since you have two different types of offensive attacks to switch between, but the downside is that this means you won't have space to hold a shield or other defensive item to block. If you decide that dual wielding is your ideal approach to fighting in Dark and Darker, don't worry, as you can do pretty well with this option - but don't put yourself in a situation where you'll die because you aren't able to block the enemies' attacks!

That's all you need to know about dual wielding in Dark and Darker. Thankfully, it's simple to dual-wield and use two weapons to your advantage at once, but you'll have to remember that you won't be able to block attacks while you're using both of them.