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When Does Dark and Darker Playtest End? Dates, Times

How long will Dark and Darker playtest last? Here's a countdown to show you how long is left.
When Does Dark and Darker Playtest End? Dates, Times

April 2023 UPDATE - Dark and Darker Playtest 5 has begun admist developers' ongoing legal battle; the playtest is available via torrent from 14 April 2023 til 21 April 2023. 

Original Story Follows - Although Dark and Darker had already amassed plenty of fans from previous playtests, it's safe to say the current 4th demo for the game has proved to be a revelation, akin to Valheim's meteoric rise in 2021.

You'll have likely seen the news and hype surrounding this D&D co-op RPG, as it swiftly climbed the Steam charts this month, combing elements of Escape From Tarkov with an old-school Dungeon Master.

Unfortunately, the game is still in Alpha and will require plenty more testing and fixing before it's ready for a full release. The current demo is due to end later this week, but for anyone who has been gripped by the first-person PvPvE, and wants to know precisely when the playtest ends, read on.

When Is The End Date For The Dark and Darker Playtest?

Initially, the Alpha #4 Dark and Darker Playtest was scheduled to end on February 13. This was in line with the dates for Steam Next Fest.

However, the end date of the Alpha #4 playtest was extended. Writing on a Steam blogpost, the developers told fans:

"Due to the earlier downtime with the trading post, matchmaking, and lost playtime for players that were falsely banned, we have decided to extend the playtest until Feb 16."

So, barring any further pushbacks, the Alpha #4 Dark and Darker Playtest will end on February 16.

What Time Does The Dark and Darker Playtest End?

At the time of writing the developers, IRONMACE have not announced the exact ending times for the playtest on Steam.

However, if you do some digging around the Dark and Darker Discord channel, you'll find more precise details which explain what time the Dark and Darker playtest will end.

According to the developers, the Dark and Darker playtest is set to end at 08:00 UTC +0 on Thursday February 16.

Dark and Darker Playtest End Time Countdown

If you want to know how long you have left to play the game, take a look at the countdown clock below.

Time Until Dark and Darker Playtest Ends