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What Is A Soul Heart In Dark And Darker? How To Use Soul Hearts

Learn everything you need to know about a Soul Heart in Dark and Darker and how you use it.
What Is A Soul Heart In Dark And Darker? How To Use Soul Hearts

In Dark and Darker, you'll be able to revive your friends after they die, using certain items like Soul Hearts to bring them back into the game. But what exactly are Soul Hearts in Dark and Darker, and how do you use them? In this article, we'll explain what Soul Hearts are in IRONMACE's upcoming dungeon crawler and how you can use this helpful item to your and your team's benefit.

What Is A Soul Heart In Dark And Darker?

Every player in Dark and Darker has a Soul Heart, which can be found on their body when they die. If you want to revive another player, you'll need to loot their body and grab their Soul Heart. Next, you can use the Soul Heart to bring the player back from the dead.

How To Use Soul Hearts In Dark And Darker

Soul heart
Soul Hearts can be found inside players' corpses in Dark and Darker, and can then be used to revive them at an Altar of Sacrifice. (Picture: IRONMACE Games)

Once you have a player's Soul Heart, you'll need to use it to revive them; they won't automatically rise back up from the dead! Instead, you'll need to find an Altar of Sacrifice. The game's Altar of Sacrifices can be found around the dungeons in Dark and Darker, typically in the lower levels. You'll then give the Soul Heart up to the Altar of Sacrifice - along with some of your own health - in return for bringing your friend back into the dungeon and allowing them to play the game with you again.

If you can't find an Altar of Sacrifice, continue looking, but be careful - if you die before using the Altar of Sacrifice, you won't be able to bring your friend back; instead, you'll both be dead! The only catch with using the Altar of Sacrifice is that your friend won't have any loot when they come back, so you'll have to plan on protecting them for a while after the reviving ritual ends while they find their footing.

That's all you need to know about how to use Soul Hearts in Dark and Darker. Every player has a Soul Heart inside them, and when retrieved after death, it can be used to bring them back from the dead.