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Dark Souls Archthrones Rimeblood Hati & Skoll the Greatwolf Boss Fight Guide

Vanquish the ancient watcher and mighty greatwolf of Irithyll as we guide you through locating and defeating the formidable Rimeblood Hati & Skoll the Greatwolf Boss in Dark Souls Archthrones.
Dark Souls Archthrones Rimeblood Hati & Skoll the Greatwolf Boss Fight Guide
FromSoftware / Archthrones Team

The bosses in Dark Souls Archtrones vary from entirely new creations tailored for this mod to those inspired by bosses from Dark Souls 3. Rimeblood Hati & Skoll the Greatwolf fall into the latter category, drawing heavily from the Champion's Gravetender & Gravetender Greatwolf boss in the DS3 Ashes of Ariandel DLC. They present a significant challenge to players unaccustomed to facing duo bosses.

If you're struggling against this formidable duo or simply seeking tips for the encounter, you've come to the right place. Below, we'll guide you on how to locate and ultimately defeat Rimeblood Hati & Skoll the Greatwolf in Dark Souls Archthrones.

Rimeblood Hati & Skoll the Greatwolf Boss Fight Overview

To locate the Rimeblood Hati & Skoll the Greatwolf boss inside the Archthrone of the Buried Giants, you'll need first to defeat Silver Knight Captain Erdan, and once you do, you'll gain access to the outside area called the Boreal Outskirts. Once here, you move through the area naturally as all the paths will lead you to the Forsaken Encampment, and its bonfire, and from here you can find the boss fog wall on the far side of the camp opposite the bonfire.

Dark Souls Archthrones Rimeblood Hati And Greatwolf Skoll Boss Location
Rimeblood Hati and Greatwolf Skoll can be found in the Forsaken Encampment bonfire in the Boreal Outskirts. (Picture: Shane / Archthrones Team)

Now when it comes to Rimeblood Hati & Skoll the Greatwolf, you're looking at a dual boss fight similar to the Champion's Gravetender & Gravetender Greatwolf bosses in the DS3, but instead of taking on a champion, you're taking on one of the Abyss Watchers (albeit with a new name and ice buffs instead of fire ones). And instead of phase two, it will introduce the Greatwolf Skoll, a large wolf that copies the move-set from the Gravetender wolf. So let's take a look at the abilities of both of these bosses before we jump into our tips on how to defeat them.

Rimeblood Hati Attacks

Dark Souls Archthrones Rimeblood Hati Attacks
Rimeblood Hati is an Abyss Watcher and essentially uses the same move-set as one but with the use of ice build-up attacks instead of fire. (Picture: Shane / Archthrones Team)
  • Greatsword and Dagger Combo: Hati will open up with a dagger attack, then follow it up with a greatsword slash, and finally two quick slashes with his dagger, and sometimes he can throw a kick in between to throw you off.
  • Kick Combo: The boss will spin around swinging his greatsword, then follow it up with a heavy kick.
  • Full Kick Combo: The boss will swing his greatsword, then deliver a roundhouse kick, followed by a dagger slash, and finally a ground slam with his greatsword.
  • Greatsword Sweep: The Boss dashes forward a great distance and does an almost 360-degree slash.
  • Greatsword Stab: The Boss lunges at the player with his sword. Range varies depending on the distance away from the boss.
  • Uppercut Swipe: The Boss swings his sword upward followed by a large dust cloud. Can knock the player down.
  • Greatsword Slam: The Boss jumps towards the player and slams his sword into the ground upon landing.

Greatwolf Skoll Attacks

Dark Souls Archthrones Greatwolf Skoll Phase Attacks
Greatwolf Skoll is similar to the Gravetender Greatwolf and uses similar attacks to it as shown below. (Picture: Shane / Archthrones Team)
  • Double Bite: The Boss will bite in front of its head 2/3 three times depending on the distance between you.
  • Bite Retreat: The boss will deliver a massive bite attack, then quickly leap backward.
  • Leap Bite: The boss will lunge towards you quickly and deliver a heavy bite attack when landing.
  • Frost(Bite) Combo: Greatwolf rushes you with a bite attack 1/2/3 times, dealing high physical damage. The attack is telegraphed by white snow appearing around Greatwolf, though it can be avoided. Can be blocked.
  • Frost Breath: The Greatwolf charges across the arena twice before halting abruptly, exhaling a frigid blast in the player's direction, inflicting significant frost damage. 
  • Frost Slam: The boss raises its front paws and slams into the ground dealing heavy physical and frost damage.
  • Frost Howl: The boss will howl, increasing both of the boss' frost damage output drastically for a short duration.

Rimeblood Hati & Skoll the Greatwolf Boss Fight Tips

When it comes to the fight itself, you'll mostly only need to deal with one enemy at a time, as when one is engaging you, the other will back off and only attack you if you're near them. So generally, once phase two starts or Skoll is in the arena, you'll want to ensure you only focus on one at a time as getting close to the other will cause them to gang up on you and can easily stun-lock you to death.

Dark Souls Archthrones Rimeblood Hati Tips and tricks
You'll want to stay as close to Hati as you can and only attack during his larger cooldowns as he hits hard and fast. (Picture: Shane / Archthrones Team)

Starting with Hati, you'll want to follow the same procedures as you would with an Abyss watcher (if you've played DS3 before), but the general rule of thumb is that you'll want to get a few hits in while dodging and waiting for the openings after each attack/combo. Similar to the Abyss Watchers, Since the boss's "cooldown" after attacks is long, if he misses you there's a chance you can perform a backstab by approaching him as he recovers, but if not you can just pull off a few attacks in between.

Now the key here is that you don't want to get greedy as the boss's attacks are very heavy (greatsword) and spammy at times (the dagger) meaning that if you get caught in his attacks it's unlikely you'll be able to dodge out of it, and will likely be staggered or knocked down. So for this part, you'll want to stay close to him, try to stay behind him and to his sides at all times, and only attack after his larger attacks cooldown such as the Greatsword and Dagger Combo and Greatsword Sweep.

Dark Souls Archthrones Greatwolf Skoll Tips and tricks
When Skoll enters the fight, Hati will back off, allowing you to focus solely on the Greatwolf, but if you can safely take some swings at Hati, it can make the fight easier. (Picture: Shane / Archthrones Team)

Keep this up until the boss is at half health, and Skoll will enter the arena. As we mentioned previously, Hati will now back away and (ironically) watch you fight the wolf, but thankfully the wolf's attacks are a bit easier to read, but because they deal so much damage, you need to be more careful here. It's also worth noting that as the fight goes on, the bosses will switch who will aggro toward you, so if you're taking time to fight Skoll and the aggro switches, Skoll will back away and Hati will engage you, so keep this in mind as the fight goes on.

The key to handling the Greatwolf Skoll is to stay to its side, avoiding its slash attacks, and recognizing when it is charging up its dash attack, giving you time to dodge to the side of it effectively. You can deal with Hati first as it makes dealing with Skoll a lot easier, but as we mentioned, Skoll will be aggroing toward you (if it's his turn to aggro), so this can backfire if you aren't careful, but if Skoll has leaped far away and you're close to Hati, you can get a few hits in on him and focus back on Skoll.

Dark Souls Archthrones Rimeblood Hati And Greatwolf Skoll Boss General tips
Focusing on one enemy at a time is the key to this fight, but if you can take out Hati first, it will be far easier to deal with Skoll on his own. (Picture: Shane / Archthrones Team)

If the aggro does switch to Hati while Skoll is on the field then you likely won't get the chance to get hits in on Skoll as Hati is far more aggressive and fast so he will be in your face the entire time. So if Skoll is passive and Hati is aggroed, focus on taking him out first since as we mentioned, Skoll on his own isn't too much of an issue to deal with.

So to summarize, in phase 1 you'll want to stick close to Hati and only punch when it's safe to do so (don't try to interrupt his combos) until Skoll jumps in for phase 2, then take care of only one at a time and if you have the chance to damage the other passive boss then do so. If they switch aggro and Hati is your main focus, then try to defeat him first as dealing with Skoll alone is much easier, and thankfully neither boss can heal the other, so once one is down, the chances of your victory are almost guaranteed.

Dark Souls Archthrones Rimeblood Hati And Greatwolf Skoll Boss Defeating the boss
By following these steps and selectively focusing on one boss at a time, you should be well-equipped to take down Rimeblood Hati And Greatwolf Skoll. (Picture: Shane / Archthrones Team)

So there you have it, a comprehensive look at how to locate and defeat the Rimeblood Hati & Skoll the Greatwolf boss in Dark Souls Archthrones. As always, be sure to check out our dedicated Archthrones section here for more news, boss guides, and tips as you venture through the world of Archthrones.