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Are There Microtransactions In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Are you wondering if microtransactions are in the game Disney Dreamlight Valley? In this article, we'll explain all of the possible real-world purchases you can make in the game.
Are There Microtransactions In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

It seems like every single free game these days has some form of microtransaction users need to make in order to progress, and with the recent Early Access release of Disney Dreamlight Valley, players are wondering if this game is the same way.

If you're wondering whether there are microtransactions in the world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you're in luck, as we'll answer all of your questions and break down the game's purchases right here.

Are There Microtransactions in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

disney dreamlight valley microtransactions
Disney Dreamlight Valley will have microtransactions, but they will be optional. (Picture: Disney)

Yes, Disney Dreamlight Valley will have microtransactions in the game once it leaves Early Access and hits live servers next year. 

Players will be able to purchase a currency called Moonstones with real-world money. Moonstones can be used to purchase cosmetics only. Cosmetics are not tied to in-game progression, and instead only affect visuals.

Because Moonstones can only be used to purchase cosmetics, accessories, and other visual changes, the game will not be pay-to-win in any way. The microtransactions in the game will not affect core gameplay mechanics in any way at any point, according to Gameloft Support's FAQ.

disney dreamlight valley microtransactions
Moonstones, Disney Dreamlight Valley's real-world currency, can also be earned through in-game activities. (Picture: Disney)

"You will not be able to pay to make your garden grow faster, increase or refresh your energy, increase your character friendship level, etc," the FAQ explained. "Cosmetic items that are not tied to the game progression will be available for purchase with Moonstones." 

Not only are the microtransactions in Disney Dreamlight Valley not a requirement to progress, but you can also earn Moonstones, the only purchasable currency in the game, without spending any real-world money at all.

Moonstones are not currently available in the game but will be added at some point during the Early Access period. Any Moonstones purchased during Early Access, including those earned in the Founder's Pack, will carry over to live servers.

Now you know about the microtransactions in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and which items they will allow you to purchase in the game. It's nice that your real-world purchases don't affect in-game progression in any way, meaning that your success in Disney Dreamlight Valley is aligned only with how much you play and how you spend your time and money in-game.

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Featured image courtesy of Disney / Gameloft.