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Is Disney Dreamlight Valley Really Free To Play?

Wondering if Disney Dreamlight Valley is actually free to play? In this article, we'll explain whether or not you need to pay to play or pay to win in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Is Disney Dreamlight Valley Really Free To Play?

Disney's upcoming simulator and adventure game Disney Dreamlight Valley releases for Early Access on 6th September, and players have some critical questions ahead of its upcoming release.

For example, is Disney Dreamlight Valley actually free to play? Should you have your wallet ready on release day?

In this article, we'll tell you whether Disney Dreamlight Valley is actually free to play or if it's pay to win.

Is Disney Dreamlight Valley Free To Play?

disney dreamlight valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley will feature an Early Access release before the official live release in 2023. (Picture: Disney)

Yes, Disney Dreamlight Valley will be completely free-to-play upon its official release in 2023.

If you want to play Disney Dreamlight Valley early or buy special items, though, you'll need to shell over some money for the Early Access release or buy moonstones.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Early Access Release

If you purchase the Founder's Pack or have your own Xbox Game Pass subscription already, you can access Disney Dreamlight Valley starting 6th September 2022. You'll also gain access to bonus limited-edition cosmetics that will carry over into the live game when it releases.

disney dreamlight valley moonstones
Three different Founder's Packs provide you with early access to the game, as well as access to other bonus limited-edition cosmetics. (Picture: Disney)

The Founder's Pack includes moonstones, special animal companions, cosmetics, and more. There are three different versions of the Founder's Pack, each with different items: the Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate editions.

If you're a mega Disney fan, the Ultimate edition might just be worth it; with a ton of moonstones and exclusive cosmetics included, you'll definitely stand out among the rest in the game.

Once the game releases, you will also be able to spend real money on moonstones, which will allow you to purchase new designs, cosmetics, and more.

So, no, you won't need to pay to play Disney Dreamlight Valley when it comes out - but money can buy you Early Access, as well as a myriad of limited-edition items and items in the store once the game releases.

That's all we currently know about whether Disney Dreamlight Valley will be free to play, and which items and currencies you'll need to purchase with real-world money.

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Featured image courtesy of Disney.