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Disney Dreamlight Valley Bunuelos Recipe: How To Make

Here is the recipe you need to cook Bunuelos in Disney Dreamlight Valley and what is the fourth mystery ingredient.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Bunuelos Recipe: How To Make

Gameloft has released Disney Dreamlight Valley's much anticipated third major content update that has brought Olaf, Mirabel, Premium Shop, the new Star Path, and more. In addition to this, a new recipe has also been added to the game, i.e., Bunuelos.

Bunuelos is a fried dough fritter found in Spain, Latin America, and other regions with a historical connection to Spaniards and is traditionally prepared at Christmas. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you will be tasked to cook Bunuelos in the " Taste of Home" quest, and here are the ingredients you need to cook it. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Bunuelos Recipe

Disney Dreamlight Valley Bunuelos Recipe
Disney Dreamlight Valley Bunuelos Recipe. (Picture: Gameloft)

During the quest, Mirabel will not be able to recall the recipe, so she will give you a plate of Bunuelos, and you will need to take it to Remy. He will then taste it and tell you about three ingredients, including Wheat, Milk, and Eggs; however, there is one more mystery ingredient that he will ask you to figure out by giving the following clues:

  • It's something salty. But it's not meat or fish or a vegetable.
  • It's closely related to another basic ingredient in the recipe.
  • You will find it on the shelves of Remy's restaurant. 

Based on these clues, the fourth ingredient is Cheese, and you can collect it from the restaurant's shelves for 180 coins. Then, go near the stove and put the following ingredients in it to cook.

  • x1 Wheat
  • x1 Egg
  • x1 Milk
  • x1 Cheese

Hit the "Start Cooking" button, and Bunuelos will be ready to hand over to Mirabel.