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How to Finish The Dragon Army in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you're exploring the new Mulan realm, it'll take some legwork and patience to finish The Dragon Army for Mushu in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How to Finish The Dragon Army in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Once you arrive in the Mulan realm, there are several quests that have to be completed before both Mulan and Mushu are ready to join your village. Fortunately, most of what you'll need isn't too difficult to find. If any part of finishing The Dragon Army is tripping you up, we'll go over where you can find each item in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Finish The Dragon Army in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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After you've found the full Training Uniform and woken up Mulan, your next big quest with Mushu is The Dragon Army. He wants to prepare a bundle of statues, but to do that you'll have to go hunting for several different items.

Most of them can be found in the Mulan realm, but one will require you to head back to the main valley if you don't already have everything in storage. Snap the quick picture of Mushu first, and then pull out your handy shovel and start exploring.

You'll basically need to go all over the Mulan realm for these, so don't glide and try to keep an eye out as you carefully go through each path. The firewood and flowers are littered on the edge of dirt pathways, and you'll be looking for large mud puddles that can be dug up to collect camp mud.

Bucket of Water Locations

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In addition to those items, you'll need to find three buckets of water that spawn around the Mulan realm. They're all in spots that have line of sight to the camp, and the first can be found near the river on what would be the left-hand side of the camp when approaching from the entrance.

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The second might be a little harder to spot, as it's on the small riverbank just outside of the camp walls. You can head down this path by making a sharp left just before reaching the camp's front entrance.

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Lastly, look by a batch of bamboo and large rock near the riverbank at the camp entrance. Once you've gathered all the realm items, the last you might need is Dream Shards. If you don't have the 10 in storage, head back to the valley and clear Night Thorns or feed critters until you've got all the necessary materials.

How long do the Dragon Statues take to finish?

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With all the materials, you can craft the Unfired Dragon Statues at the crafting station in the Mulan realm or back in the valley. Head over to the Kiln on the left-hand wall of the camp when coming in through the front, and interact to get them cooking.

While it can feel slow, the good news is these Dragon Statues will only take maybe half an hour or so to finish. Mushu will direct you to Mulan for some additional quests, and it's better to just jump to that or go work on the latest Star Path until they're done. You'll get a cutscene with Mulan and Mushu after the statues are done and her quests are completed, and that will officially finish The Dragon Army in Disney Dreamlight Valley.