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How to Enter the Mulan Realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now that The Lucky Dragon Update has arrived, you can unlock the Mulan Realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How to Enter the Mulan Realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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The latest Disney Dreamlight Valley update brought Mulan and Mushu into the fold, but there's a little legwork to do before you can add either of them to your valley. As a recent addition, the Mulan Realm is also one of the most difficult to unlock. If you're just kicking off your Disney Dreamlight Valley journey or want some tips on speeding things up if you're jumping back in after a break, we'll go over exactly how you can enter the Mulan Realm.

How to Unlock the Mulan Realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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The Mulan Realm is not connected to the paid expansion A Rift in Time, so players who don't yet have that shouldn't worry about being unable to access Mulan and Mushu, just make sure you've downloaded the latest update on your platform of choice. However, newer players will have to work through several early quests before it's an option.

You need full access to the Dreamlight Castle and to have completely the first quests with Merlin to enter a Realm. Once you're far enough along, the next challenge will be saving up enough Dreamlight to open the Mulan Realm. As it's a late game addition, it takes 15,000 Dreamlight to get Merlin to unlock the Mulan Realm.

The most reliable way to rack up Dreamlight quickly is by completing Dreamlight Duties. While the numbers might seem small, many of these can be finished very quickly and will give you progress towards larger milestones that net even more Dreamlight.

Your other best option is to simply craft Dreamlight, but this is only viable if you've stocked up lots of Dream Shards. You do run the risk of emptying your stores and slowing down a future quest should Dream Shards be needed, but you can turn 10 Dream Shards into 250 Dreamlight if you wanna rush towards that 15,000 Dreamlight goal.

Once you've got the necessary amount, head to the Dreamlight Castle and go up a few levels until you spot the door to the Mulan Realm. Interact with it, speak to Merlin, and he'll pop it open so you can start on unlocking Mulan and Mushu in Disney Dreamlight Valley.