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How to Find the Training Uniform in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You'll need all four pieces of the Training Uniform for Mushu in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How to Find the Training Uniform in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Once you enter the Mulan Realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley, it won't be long before Mushu puts you to work. If you want to get Mulan and Mushu in your village, one of your many tasks will be finding all four pieces of the Training Uniform. If there's one that you can't quite spot, we've got detailed locations here for each item you'll need to bring to Mushu in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Finish A New Recruit in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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After you arrive in the Mulan Realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley, speaking to Mushu will kick off the quest A New Recruit with your first tasks being breaking rocks, flipping over the cauldron, and digging up some rice spills. These are fairly easy to find around the camp, but things get a bit more difficult once you're sent to retrieve every part of the Training Uniform. We've got the location of all four pieces below.

Training Socks Location

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The first of the four you should grab is the Training Socks, and they're located in one of the many camp tents. When you first enter the camp, take a left and look for the corner group of tents to find these.

Training Pants Location

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There's just one other piece actually hiddin within the camp, and it's found in the tent near the gong. Approach and open storage to move the item into your inventory.

Training Shirt Location

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The Training Shirt might be the most difficult to spot, as it's actually hanging up off the ground in a tree. Look just to the left of the camp entrance and interact with the shirt to collect it.

Training Shoes Location

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Lastly, you need to collect the Training Shoes. If you start from the Mulan Realm entry point, veer left at the dirt path fork and keep left as you round the corner. You'll find the Training Shoes sitting on a rock to the side of the path. Deliver the items to Mushu to continue this quest.

Mushu's Congee Recipe

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Finally, to wrap up A New Recruit you'll have to cook Mushu's Congee. Interact with the recipe you're given in your inventory and it'll show up in your quest recipes at any cooking station.

The recipe for Mushu's Congee requires:

  • 1x Garlic, 1x Ginger, 1x Egg, 1x Rice, and 1x Mushroom

If you don't already have those in storage, head to the table on the far left side of the camp after entering it, near the cauldron you flipped over earlier. You can browse the table and grab all the necessary ingredients. Let Mushu know the meal is ready, and then you'll ring the gong to bring out Mulan and move on the next stage of getting these two in your village.