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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Coffee Beans

In this guide, we'll show you how to complete the quest to get Coffee Beans in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Coffee Beans

With the recent Disney Dreamlight Valley update, tons of new content was added to the game, such as a new Toy Story Realm, festive-themed recipes, and much more. With the new recipes, however, comes a new ingredient, Coffee Beans, which are used in the new festive-themed coffee recipes.

So if you're trying to find Coffee Beans to make a warm drink for yourself or your friends, then you're in luck. As this guide will take you through, step by step, how to Coffee Beans in Disney Dreamlight Valley.  

Disney Dreamlight Valley - How To Get Coffee Beans

Unfortunately, getting Coffee Beans isn't as simple as buying some seeds and planting them to grow your own. You'll need to complete a quest to gain access to them, which comes from Stitch, so if you haven't unlocked him yet, check out our guide on how to unlock Stitch

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Get Coffee Beans First unlock Stitch
You'll need to unlock Stitch to get the quest that allows you to obtain Coffee Beans. (Picture: YouTube / Serroh)

Once he's been unlocked, you'll need to get his friendship level up to level 4 by speaking to him daily and hanging out with him. After that, go to WALL-garden E's, where you'll find a big pile of carrots and other random items on the ground. Pick up the glittering Coffee Cup that will begin the quest needed to get Coffee Beans, "Very Sleepy Stitch."

Below we'll walk you through completing the "Very Sleepy Stitch" Quest and getting the Coffee Beans. 

How To Complete Very Sleepy Stitch and Get Coffee Beans

Give the Coffee Cup you Found to Wall-E, and after a small chat about the mess in his garden, you'll suspect Stitch of causing it. This will prompt you to go and find Stitch and find out what happened.

After speaking to Stitch, it's revealed that he was trying to make Coffee out of the dirt to help him stay awake. After this, you'll tell him that you need coffee beans to make Coffee, but all he has is a Dried-out Coffee Sapling which he gives you in an attempt to revive it. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Get Coffee Beans gather materials to plant Coffee Bean Sapling
You'll need the equipment listed below to replant the Coffee Sapling and grow Coffee Beans. (Picture: YouTube / Serroh)

Take the Dried-out Coffee Sapling to Wall-E, who will tell you that to replant it; you'll need x25 Pebbles, x25 Clay, and x1 sack. The Sack can be crafted using x15 Fiber and x5 Soil, and the Pebbles and Clay can both be found by digging anywhere in the Sunlit Plataue until you have enough. 

After collecting all the items and speaking to Wall-E, he will tell you to craft the Coffee Sapling at any nearby Crafting Station. After doing so, you'll need to plant it anywhere in The Glade of Trust and water it twice to get it to grow and sprout Coffee Beans.

Now you can harvest the Coffee Beans and ask Stitch how he wants his Coffee made, to which he'll reply that Remy knows how it's made. Head over and speak to Remy, who will then tell you about the different kinds of Coffee you can make and ask you to make a cup at a nearby Cooking Station. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Get Coffee Beans Complete Mission and Coffee Beans spawn Glade Of Trust
After completing the quest, wild Coffee Bean plants will spawn throughout The Glade of Trust, ready to be harvested whenever you need some. (Picture: YouTube / Serroh)

Once you've made a cup of Coffee, you can take it over to Stitch and complete his quest by giving it to him. Once done, Coffee Bushes that you can harvest will now start spawning in The Glade of Trust, giving you a steady supply of Coffee Beans whenever you need them.