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How to Finish Lasers and Crafts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Find out every step to complete EVE friendship quest Lasers and Crafts in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How to Finish Lasers and Crafts in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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The arrival of new characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley as part of the A Rift in Time DLC also means that new friendship quests are available, and things heat up to a new level in Lasers and Crafts. One of the first friendship quests available for EVE, you'll help her avert disaster and gather a few key items.

Your handy Royal Watering Can will need to be at the ready, but that isn't all it takes to finish Lasers and Crafts. If you haven't seen this quest unlock yet, we'll also go over the requirements to make sure you can move forward with EVE in Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time.

How to Start Lasers and Crafts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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After you've befriended EVE and finished up her initial friendship quest A New Directive, your next step with EVE will be Lasers and Crafts. You'll need to get EVE up to Friendship Level 4 and make sure you've already unlocked Mirabel as a character in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

You also need to spend 6,000 Mist to unlock The Overlook in Ancient's Landing. This will also give you access to new items like Majestea, so make sure you collect the Mist necessary to keep exploring Eternity Isle. Once you've made it to the secret garden, your Watering Can will be used to put out five fires around that area.

How to Find Ancient Gemstones in A Rift in Time DLC

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After getting the fire under control, you'll speak to EVE, Mirabel, and then EVE again. At this point, she tasks you with finding two Ancient Gemstones somewhere in Ancient's Landing. For both, you just need to use the Royal Hourglass and search for hidden treasure. We found one in the far eastern area of The Docks and another in the western part of The Overlook, but your exact locations may vary.

After bringing them to EVE, she'll ask you to follow her to a mystery location behind the waterfall at The Docks. Thanks to some more lasers, everything will suddenly be on fire. Use the Watering Can again to put out the fires, and your Royal Shovel can remove a few craters which will give you the Melted Ancient Gemstones.

How to Craft the Stone Canvas for EVE

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Once you've collected those Melted Ancient Gemstones, EVE will task you with crafting a Stone Canvas. To do that, you'll need to gather two other materials: Plastic Scrap and Quartz.

The easiest to obtain will be Plastic Scrap, which you can find by fishing anywhere at The Docks without ripples. If you've upgraded your shovel to remove Rubble, that will also net you some Plastic Scrap.

Quartz can be found by using your Royal Pickaxe on mining nodes around Ancient's Landing, and fortunately you only need one. Put the pieces together at a Crafting Station, bring it to EVE, and you can wrap up this Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time quest.