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How to Get EVE & Finish DIRECTIVE: DANGER in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you want to reassure EVE in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll need all the photos in DIRECTIVE: DANGER.
How to Get EVE & Finish DIRECTIVE: DANGER in Disney Dreamlight Valley
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The arrival of Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time is bringings tons of new content with the expansion, and that includes the addition of EVE from WALL-E as a character. If you want to get EVE to be a part of your village, you'll have to work through a few different quests like most characters.

This guide to DIRECTIVE: DANGER will outline all the steps you need to complete this initial quest and establish a friendship with EVE in Disney Dreamlight Valley. If there's a photo location that's tripping you up, we've got the answer.

How to Get EVE in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023-12-06 00-26-49

You'll first meet EVE as part of The Flying Metal Nuisance quest which is given to you by Jafar. You won't be able to access DIRECTIVE: DANGER until you've successfully completed that quest and obtained the Royal Hourglass.

After that quest is finished, EVE will begin moving around Ancient's Landing. Approach her again to talk and receive the DIRECTIVE: DANGER quest once you realize she's still on high alert.

In order to help calm EVE down, you're tasked with taking pictures around Ancient's Landing to reassure her there are no dangers. The first four will be the Docks area when you first arrive, but the rest will be in the Wild Tangle and Glittering Dunes. You need to finish The Sands in the Hourglass to reach those areas.


Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023-12-06 00-30-03

In every case, you just need to switch to your phone and take a photo with the description in view. It doesn't necessarily need to be a perfect photo, and chances are if it's not triggering you may not be at the right spot. Below, we'll outline where you'll find each photo location in DIRECTIVE: DANGER.

'A giant tree with hanging lanterns near the well'

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023-12-06 00-31-23

First up, you want to head up the stairs towards where your house is located by the Ancient Gate. As soon as you reach the top of the staircase, turn left and you'll find a well where Dreamlight and Mist can be collected. Take a photo where the hanging lanterns tree behind it is visible.

'The small wooden boat you arrived in'

Disney Dreamlight Valley the small wooden boat you arrive in

Now you need the actual boat or Ancient Vessal used to leave The Port of Many Worlds and reach Ancient's Landing. You can find it at the end of one of the docks, just take a photo with the boat visible.

'A giant statue face in a hallway'

Disney Dreamlight Valley a giant statue face in a hallway

Next you'll need to go back to that Ancient Gate, the one near your house. The hallway which you'll pass through after the gate has that aforementioned giant statue face. Take a new photo with that visible behind you.

'A strange sunken doorway between two waterfalls'

Disney Dreamlight Valley a strange sunken doorway between two waterfalls

This last one for the Docks can be a big confusing if you've already reached later areas. You actually need to head all the way back to where EVE's house is located and spot the sunken door and pair of waterfalls on the far side of that house.

'A lady with long, braided blonde hair'

Disney Dreamlight Valley a lady with long braided blonde hair Rapunzel

The first of your next stage is in the Wild Tangle, and you're looking for Rapunzel. If you've already finished The Ancient Door, simply find her on the map if she's roaming around the village and get a photo with Rapunzel.

'A misplaced boat high up in the jungle'

Disney Dreamlight Valley a misplaced boat high up in the jungle

This one is also in the Wild Tangle, and it's near a fast travel well location you can get Scrooge McDuck to open up. The boat is up on a large rock, so you may need to move a bit further away from it so that it's visible in the background of your photo.

'A plant with very pointy teeth'

Disney Dreamlight Valley a plant with very pointy teeth

This is another Wild Tangle find, but it doesn't have a set location. You're looking for any Purple Fly Trap plant. You can find a random spawn to take a photo of or drop one you have in your inventory and take a photo once it's back on the ground.

'A man with an impossibly thick neck'

Disney Dreamlight Valley a man with an impossibly thick neck Gaston

No one has an impossibly thick neck like Gaston, and he's in the Glittering Dunes. You'll get there by turning left from the Broken Bridge, and head far to the back where Gaston will be standing by a tree.

'A snake'

Disney Dreamlight Valley a snake

This is one of the trickiest ones because you may not see any snakes in the Glittering Dunes at first. If you feel like they aren't spawning, first start clearing everything out. Break rocks, pick up plants, clear Splinters of Fate. The snake could just be stuck on something and not visible, but once you find one snap a quick photo before it runs off.

'A waterfall of sand'

Disney Dreamlight Valley a waterfall of sand

Lastly, you may actually get this one during the Gaston photo as it can easily be in-frame depending on his location when you take a picture. If not, it's directly behind where he's first found. There is a path to the left of that location which will take you around to a campsite and show a better view, but you don't need to go down there to get the picture.

How to Finish DIRECTIVE: DANGER and be EVE's Friend

Disney Dreamlight Valley DIRECTIVE DANGER EVE

Once you've worked your way around Eternity Isle and snagged all the necessary photos, you need to find EVE. She does have a tendency to wander, so don't forget to check your map to see where she's currently at.

Head her direction and speak to EVE to show her the photos you've taken. After a bit more dialogue, this will reassure her and complete DIRECTIVE: DANGER in Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time.

Ater this point, EVE is a regular part of the village. You can start giving her gifts, play Scramblecoin, and work on improving her Friendship Level for additional quests and rewards.