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Where to Plant Mulan's Tree Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you've cleared the road, you'll need to plant all of Mulan's Tree Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Where to Plant Mulan's Tree Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley
GINX/Patches Chance

The Lucky Dragon Update has brought Mulan and Mushu to Disney Dreamlight Valley for the first time, and there are several quests you'll work through before they can join your village. After an unfortunately timed landslide has been cleaned up, you're tasked with planting Mulan's Tree Seeds during Protecting the Camp. If you're struggling to find any of the planting locations, we'll go over each here.

Mulan's Tree Seeds Soil Locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When working through the Protecting the Camp quest, Mulan will ask you to plant ten Tree Seeds after clearing all the road debris. You'll also need to water each, so get your Royal Watering Can ready as it's best to water each right after planting it so you don't have to make the rounds a second time.

Now, in case any of them are blending too well into the environment for you to spot, here's a look at all ten soil locations. Rest assured that all of these are contained within the same area you've cleared, but a few are camouflaged very well by nearby foliage or the dirt path itself.

Tree Seed Location 1

Screenshot _50346_

Tree Seed Location 2

Screenshot _50349_

Tree Seed Location 3

Screenshot _50350_

Tree Seed Location 4

Screenshot _50351_

Tree Seed Location 5

Screenshot _50352_

Tree Seed Location 6

Screenshot _50353_

Tree Seed Location 7

Screenshot _50355_

Tree Seed Location 8

Screenshot _50357_

Tree Seed Location 9

Screenshot _50359_

Tree Seed Location 10

Screenshot _50364_

Once all of them have been planted, go speak to Mulan one more time to move forward in this quest. You'll have to do a few more things for Mushu and craft some sandbags, but you're now quite close to getting both of them to join your village in Disney Dreamlight Valley.