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Is Multiplayer Option Available In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Here's what you need to know regarding whether there is a multiplayer option available in Disney's Dreamlight Valley.
Is Multiplayer Option Available In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

With the arrival of Disney's Dreamlight Valley, players will soon be able to join their favorite animated Disney characters as their unique avatars and fend off the evil encroaching on their world. However, you may be wanting to have some of your real-world friends join in on the fun as well, and are asking whether multiplayer will be coming to Dreamlight Valley. 

Well, luckily we have the answer for you, as this article will go into detail surrounding the recent news of the multiplayer functionality for Dreamlight Valley. So let's not delay any further and answer this very important question. 

Is Multiplayer Option Available In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

At the time of writing, Disney's Dreamlight Valley will unfortunately not feature multiplayer upon its release on the 6th September 2022. This does not however mean that all hope is lost as we have some news that will lift your mood if you were looking forward to jumping into multiplayer in Dreamlight valley. 

Is Multiplayer Option Available In Disney Dreamlight Valley no multiplayer yet, but coming soon
While there is no multiplayer mode just yet, developers at Gameloft will be implementing it soon. (Picture: Disney)

As the game has recently surpassed 250,000 wishlists on Steam according to the official game's Discord, the multiplayer or "Multiplayer Visits" have been unlocked. This likely meaning that other players can visit other players' homes in their unique versions of their Dreamworld and interact with their companions and so on.

To taht end, the developers at Gameloft will begin working on the multiplayer functionality (and likely already have) and we can expect to see it implemented sometime in the future. 

This approach, while somewhat disappointing for fans wanting to play the game with friends from the get-go, makes sense in terms of catering to Gameloft's capabilities and manpower, as devoting dev time to multiplayer when the game's numbers are low would be counterintuitive for the studio. Instead, they focused on making the game as engaging as possible for the single player it seems. 

Is Multiplayer Option Available In Disney Dreamlight Valley as we wait for multiplayer single player will boast tons of content
As we wait for the multiplayer, we can enjoy the tons of content coming to the single player mode once the game releases. (Picture: Disney)

So as of right now, while we can't jump right into multiplayer as much as we'd like, we can rest easy knowing the game experience for a single play is going to be fantastic, and we can enjoy the tons of content the game has to offer at launch. So be sure to pick the game up once it launches on the 6th September 2022, and we can't wait to see you all in the world of Dreamlight Valley someday soon. 

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Featured image courtesy of Disney