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Disney Dreamlight Valley Mystical Cave Location - With Great Power Guide

Here's how you can find the Mystical Cave and complete the With Great Power quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Disney Dreamlight Valley Mystical Cave Location - With Great Power Guide

The Mystical Cave is one of the essential landmarks players will need to find as they progress through the Main Quest, "With Great Power" in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, this can be quite a lengthy quest, and finding the Mystical Cave can be cumbersome. 

So if you struggle to find it, we have you covered, as this guide will walk you through exactly how to find The Mystical Cave in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Mystical Cave Location

As you progress through this main quest, Ursula will ask you to find the Orb Of Power for her from the Mystical Cave. This might seem simple, but it can be a bit frustrating, so let's look precisely where you find it. 

Where to find the Mystical Cave in Disney Dreamlight Valley accessing cave near Ursulas abode
The wall to access the Mystical Cave is found near Ursula's home. (Picture: YouTube / Bethany Leigh)

Instead of looking for the Mystical Cave inside a building with an open entrance like Ursula's house, you should look for a place that appears to lead to a cave. After emerging from Ursula's cave, make your way to the beach and take a right towards the palm tree grove. 

Run past the pillar, and head forward until you see a mysterious-looking wall, which is the entrance to the Mystical Cave.

You'll see right away that it's not open, so to access it, you'll need to use the crystal you received earlier in the quest and place it on the nearby stone pillar.

With Great Power Puzzle Solutions

Now that you're here, you can start solving the cave's puzzles to progress through the cave. 

As you explore the Mystical Cave, you'll encounter various puzzles. The answers to all four parts are provided below:

  • Room 1: Put a Peridot, Garnet, and Aquamarine in the statues in room one to unlock the door.

  • Room 2: Sow seeds of tomatoes, wheat, and carrots in front of the statues and watch them grow. For the following room, harvest them.

  • Room 3: Use the cooking pot to prepare the vegetables for the veggie pasta.

  • Room 4: Collect the Orb of Power by casting your line toward the glowing, orange spot in the water.

Where to find the Mystical Cave in Disney Dreamlight Valley unlocking cave, access puzzles inside to complete quest
Once you've accessed the cave, you can solve the puzzles inside to complete the quest. (Picture: YouTube / Bethany Leigh)

Players can then return and insert the Orb of Power into the Dazzle Beach pillar after successfully retrieving it. And from there, you're all set to carry out the next steps of the "With Great Power" quest and continue your way through the new Scar Update

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Featured image courtesy of Disney.