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How to Find Red Pouches in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You'll have to look carefully to find all seven Red Pouches for Mushu's celebration in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
How to Find Red Pouches in Disney Dreamlight Valley
GINX/Patches Chance

Once you've gotten Mulan and Mushu settled in your Disney Dreamlight Valley village, working on upgrading their Friendship Level will give you access to several new quests. After Mushu is up to at least Level 7 and unlocked The Beast, Mulan, Simba, and Mirabel, it's officially time for The Guardian Party.

Mushu will put you to work getting things ready, and once it's all ready there are several activities to tackle. If you're haging trouble finishing The Red Pouch Hunt, we've got details on all seven red pouch locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Find Red Pouches in the Vitalys Mines


After you've delivered invitations and gotten everything ready for Mushu, there are three core challenges as part of The Guardian Party. The pinatas and Sesame Balls are more straightforward (the pinatas are near the mine carts on the right-hand pathway when entering), but it's The Red Pouch Hunt that might trip you up.

There are seven Red Pouches in total, and all of them are scattered throughout the Vitalys Mines. With the dim lighting and difficult camera angles at times, it's easy to overlook one. Below, we'll go over each Red Pouch location one by one.

Red Pouch Location 1

Screenshot _50866_

The first Red Pouch is right in the main area where you enter just in front of the gong.

Red Pouch Location 2

Screenshot _50869_

For the second Red Pouch, take the left-hand path after entering the mines. Go around the fork, and the Red Pouch will be on the ground just on the other side of it, before you make a right-hand turn to go deeper into the mine.

Red Pouch Location 3

Screenshot _50875_

Make the right-hand turn to continue deeper, continue past the left-hand turn where there's a rock node, and keep going until you find where the mine cart tracks meet. The third Red Pouch in the Vitalys Mines is just on the far edge right on the tracks.

Red Pouch Location 4

Screenshot _50877_

Continue straight following the tracks in the direction you were already headed until you reach the split path where the tracks also head to a dead-end. Right at this junction seen above, you'll find the fourth Red Pouch.

Red Pouch Location 5

Screenshot _50878_

The fifth Red Pouch isn't far, just continue the same direction you've been heading and you'll find it on the ground on the main tracks.

Red Pouch Location 6

Screenshot _50879_

The next one blends pretty well into the ground since there are no tracks around, but just continue towards the entrance in your same direction and you'll spot it just before the table area seen above.

Red Pouch Location 7

Screenshot _50880_

The last Red Pouch location in the Vitalys Mines is the easiest to overlook, as it's hidden by a few bushes that makes it nearly impossible to spot unless you're close enough for the sparkles to appear. Head to this spot seen above just before the mine carts that were by the pinatas. Snag it and you've officially found all seven Red Pouches in Disney Dreamlight Valley.