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Where To Find Sunflowers In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Learn how to find Sunflowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley and what these flowers are used for in the game.
Where To Find Sunflowers In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley features a wide array of foliage, ranging from stock standard bushes to beautiful orchids and roses. But one of the most popular flowers is also featured in the game, ubiquitous Sunflowers. So if you want to get your hands on these yellow beauties, you're in the right place.

This guide will detail how to find and collect Sunflowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley. We'll also give you some useful advice on what you can do with all your Sunflowers once you've picked them.

Sunflowers Location In Disney Dreamlight Valley 

Where To Find Sunflowers Disney Dreamlight Valley Dazzle Beach
Sunflowers will only spawn in Dazzle Beach and occasionally at Skull Rock Island. (Picture: YouTube / n00bski Gaming)

Sunflowers only spawn in one area in Disney Dreamlight Valley: Dazzle Beach. This area has tons of sunshine and a tropical environment, making it the perfect spot for Sunflowers to grow, though unfortunately, it's not the only flower that spawns here.

Hydrangea (an invasive species) also spawns on Dazzle Beach in Disney Dreamlight Valley. This plant grows in much larger quantities than Sunflowers, making your search for Sunflowers a bit taxing and time-consuming. The best way to overcome this is to pick all the flowers on the beach, Hydrangea included, to clear up space and make room for more Sunflowers to spawn.

You will likely get at least one Sunflower for every two or three Hydrangea that you find. You can also check further up the beach towards Skull Rock Island, as Sunflowers also tend to spawn here. Just keep picking flowers in these areas, and you'll eventually collect all the Sunflowers you need. 

What Are Sunflowers Used For In Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Where To Find Sunflowers Disney Dreamlight Valley Uses for trading, selling and decoration
Sunflowers can be used for decorating, given to your friends, and can be sold. (Picture: YouTube / n00bski Gaming)

Now that you have Sunflowers, what can you do with them in Disney Dreamlight Valley? Like any flower in the game, they can be used to decorate your home by putting them in Flower Pots to create pretty arrangements in your home. Or you can sell them to Goofy at his stall for extra cash if you need it. 

Another use for Sunflowers among the other flowers in the game is that they are sometimes a specific resident of the Valley's favorite flower. Therefore, gifting it to them can increase your Friendship levels with that character, which benefits you in the long run when you need that character's help with another task, such as farming or fishing.