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Friendship Level Increase Guide - Disney Dreamlight Valley

Make lifelong friends and get great bonuses with our guide on how to increase your friendship levels in Disney Dreamlight Valley.
Friendship Level Increase Guide - Disney Dreamlight Valley

Leveling up your villagers in Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the most important tips to getting more bonuses for doing daily tasks with them such as farming, fishing, cooking, and more. Doing so requires you to level up your friendship as well, and if you're looking for the best ways to do it, then you're in the right place. 

Below you can find some of the best techniques to level up your friendship quickly and efficiently in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Which will help you get tons of bonuses and items, but also bring you closer to your favorite Disney characters. 

Friendship Level Increase Guide - Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, having better friends will earn you better rewards. Giving gifts daily or leveling up your friendship will give you special bonuses for your Valley. So try the strategies listed below if you want to raise your Friendship Level more quickly and earn more points.

Friendship Level Increase Guide Disney Dreamlight Valley levelling up to get bonuses and free items
Increasing your friendship level will give you more bonuses and nets you free items from your friends. (Picture: YouTube / Quick Tips)

Complete Standard Friendship Quests: This should be your first step in making friends because it is so obvious. There is no secret here; just follow the quests. The following strategies are superior and will boost friendships more quickly.

Give Flowers or Your Friends Favorite Gift Every Day: It's important to gather flowers and other gifts. Every day, your friends will let you know what they want because they all enjoy receiving gifts. If you give the right gift, you will receive a significant friendship bonus because this varies daily.

Cook A Meal for them At Chez Remy: After Chez Remy has been upgraded, each character will go there. You can serve them the meal they ordered if you catch them visiting. Even more so than the daily gift, this greatly strengthens friendships.

On the subject of Chez Remy, the ability to cook a meal for your friends will only be unlocked once you've upgraded the restaurant to the appropriate level by helping out Remy. And once you do, each of your friends will visit the restaurant on a specific schedule/rotation, so make sure you check it out every day to see if one of your friends has visited and you can cook for them. 

Friendship Level Increase Guide Disney Dreamlight Valley check daily for friends most wanted items and cook for them
Cooking for your friends and giving them their most wanted gifts will quickly increase your friendship level. (Picture: YouTube / Quick Tips)

Lastly, The daily gift can change at any time, so keep plenty of flowers or other gifts on hand to give to your friends. You can quickly level up your villagers by completing quests, giving gifts, hanging out, and preparing meals at Chez Remy.

You can still prepare a meal to cheer someone up even if they are not at Chez Remy and keep progressing in your goal to become best friends with everyone in the Valley. 

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Featured image courtesy of Disney/Gameloft.