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Disney Dreamlight Valley Update Time Countdown: Toy Story Content & More

Toy Story 2: Update 2 is the next major content update for Disney Dreamlight Valley. But what is its release date?
Disney Dreamlight Valley Update Time Countdown: Toy Story Content & More

Disney Dreamlight Valley's first major content update, Scar's Kingdom, brought a plethora of new content to the game, including the self-proclaimed king, Scar! In addition, the update also introduced the Villain Star Path, featuring various rewards and challenges.

However, following the release of The Lion King's favorite (or not-so-favorite) feline villain, Scar, many Dreamers want to know when the next Toy Story update will release in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Fortunately, we have the answer -- and the best part is that it's not too long a wait!

Note on 6 December: We updated this article with the official release date of the Toy Story Update 2.
when is the next update of disney dreamlight valley release date
Disney Dreamlight Valley's Toy Story update will release in late Fall 2022. (Picture: Disney / Gameloft)

Disney Dreamlight Valley Toy Story Update Release Date & Time

According to a recent post on the Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter account, the Toy Story update will release on 6 December 2022.

Gameloft hasn't shared a specific time for when fans can expect the update to release on all platforms. 

However, if we assume it's at the same time as the last update which was released, we would expect the Toy Story update to release at around 9am ET / 2pm GMT.

As noted, this isn't confirmed just yet, but stay tuned on the morning of the update coming out as we're bound to hear more closer to launch.

While the complete list of changes has not been formally announced, we know that Toy Story characters Woody and Buzz Lightyear will join the fray; the same cannot be said about other Toy Story characters. On that note, Update 2 will likely introduce a new Toy Story biome with many more quests and (you guessed it) exclusive loot and rewards.

At this time, Dreamers can enjoy the slew of content the Scar's Kingdom update offers. If you haven't yet completed Scar's questlines, you'll be happy to know that we have several detailed guides to help you. We've linked some of these above for your convenience.

Otherwise, we will endeavor to update you regarding any announcements regarding the Toy Story update in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Until then, happy gaming!

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Featured image courtesy of Gameloft and Disney.