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How To Get Adept Singularity Achievement In Dead By Daylight

Trying to get Adept Singularity in Dead by Daylight? Here's your guide to get this achievement.
How To Get Adept Singularity Achievement In Dead By Daylight

All killers and survivors in Dead by Daylight have their own Adept achievement, which can be earned by earning Merciless Killer for killers, or escaping for survivors, while only using that character's three personal perks. The Singularity, which joined the game in Chapter 28: End Transmission, is no exception, with players being able to earn an Adept Singularity achievement for their efforts.

Here's how to get the Adept Singularity achievement in Dead by Daylight.

How To Get Adept Singularity Achievement

dead by daylight adept singularity
Players can earn Adept Singularity by equipping the killer's three personal perks and earning Merciless Killer. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Here's a look at the Adept Singularity achievement description:

  • Adept Singularity: Achieve a merciless victory with The Singularity using only his 3 unique perks in a public match.

To get Adept Singularity, you'll need to equip The Singularity's three personal perks. Those perks are Genetic Limits, Forced Hesitation, and Machine Learning.

Before starting the match, make sure you don't have any other perks equipped; you cannot have four perks equipped and still earn the trophy.

Here's are the perks you'll need to equip:

  • Genetic Limits: When a Survivor finishes the healing action, they suffer the Exhausted status effect for 24/28/32 seconds.
  • Forced Hesitation: When a Survivor is put into the dying state by any means, all other Survivors standing within 16/16/16 meters around them suffer the hindered Status effect for 10/10/10 seconds, reducing their Movement speed by 15%. This perk goes on cooldown for 60/50/40 seconds.
  • Machine Learning: After performing the damage generator action, Machine Learning activates.While this perk is active, the next generator you damage will be compromised until it is completed. The generator is highlighted in Yellow. When the compromised generator is completed, you become undetectable and gain 7% Haste for 20/25/30 seconds. Then, Machine Learning deactivates. If you break a gen while another generator is compromised, the compromised generator moves to the latest one kicked.

Then, you'll need to earn Merciless Killer using those perks. While earning this title at the end of a match used to depend on how many points you earned in each category, now, you can earn Merciless Killer by killing all four survivors. However, note that it won't count if a survivor disconnects. As a result, you should simply make it your goal to take down all four survivors.

It's important to remember to damage generators when going for a Singularity Adept, since Machine Learning can give you a lot of value by allowing you to sneak up on survivors and prevent generator progression.

Once you've completed the achievement, you should get a notification letting you know you've finished it up. Any killer Adept achievement can take a few tries for even the most experienced players, so don't give up!

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