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How To Get Merciless Killer In Dead By Daylight

If you're wondering how to get Merciless Killer in Dead by Daylight or earn your adept achievements, you've come to the right place.
How To Get Merciless Killer In Dead By Daylight

Earning Merciless Killer is the greatest honor any killer can achieve at the end of a Dead by Daylight trial; it's the title you earn when you win a match, and earning it while equipping only a killer's three unique teachable perks will also earn you their Adept achievement. If you're a Dead by Daylight beginner, though, you might wonder how you can get Merciless Killer at the end of a match and what the requirements are to achieve this.

Whether you're just trying to win more matches or you want to earn your Adept achievement for every killer, here's a look at how to achieve Merciless Killer in Dead by Daylight.

How To Earn Merciless Killer In Dead By Daylight

dead by daylight merciless killer
Earning Merciless Killer in Dead by Daylight requires you to kill all four survivors. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

To earn Merciless Killer, all you need to do is kill all four survivors before the trial ends. Yes, it really is that simple - at least as of the 6.5.0 update! Whether the survivors die by your own hand (such as through a Mori offering or a killer-specific Mori action), to the Entity, or by bleeding out, you'll still earn Merciless Killer as long as you manage to take down all four of them.

Dead By Daylight Merciless Killer Requirement Changes

dead by daylight killer merciless killer updates changes knight
Dead by Daylight has changed the requirements to achieve Merciless Killer over the years. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

For a long time, the title you earned at the end of a match - The Entity Hungers, Brutal Killer, Ruthless Killer, or Merciless Killer - was determined by your Emblems at the end of a match.

Even if you performed well in three out of four categories, you could still fall short of earning Merciless Killer if you didn't earn enough Chase points, for example. You could even kill all four survivors and potentially still earn The Entity Hungers!

Now, all you need to do to earn Merciless Killer as of the 6.5.0 update is to kill all four survivors. Whether you kill them all with seconds remaining on the clock after they've opened the exit gates or you take them all out at the beginning of the match, you'll still earn the Merciless Killer win condition.

That's all you need to do in order to earn Merciless Killer in Dead by Daylight. Now that you know how to fulfill this win condition, you can win more matches and earn the Adept achievement for more killers!

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.