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Dead By Daylight - All Renato Lyra Perks

Renato Lyra is one of the newest survivors in Dead by Daylight, so here are all of his perks.
Dead By Daylight - All Renato Lyra Perks

The Dead By Daylight Chapter 27 PTB is here, and Steam players are finally able to try out the Tools of Torment release for themselves. The Tools of Torment chapter comes with not just one killer - The Skull Merchant - but also two twin survivors, Renato and Thalita Lyra.

Here are all of the brand new perks for one of the two new survivors from the chapter, Renato Lyra.

Dead By Daylight Renato Lyra Perks

Background Player

  • After you unhook another Survivor, break into a sprint at 150% of your normal running speed for 6 seconds and gain Exhaustion for 60/50/40 seconds.
  • This Perk cannot be used while suffering from Exhaustion. Exhaustion prevents Survivors from activating other Perks that cause Exhaustion.

Blood Rush

  • This Perk activates once you are one Hook away from instant death.
  • While healthy, running, and suffering from Exhaustion, press the Active Ability Button 1 to lose a Health State and recover from Exhaustion instantly and gain the Broken status effect for 28/24/20 seconds.
  • You are automatically healed from injured to healthy after 28/24/20 seconds. Being put into the Dying State will cancel the healing effect.
  • Activating Blood Rush will disable it for the remainder of the trial. Exhaustion prevents Survivors from activating other Perks that cause Exhaustion. Broken prevents Survivors from being healed.

Teamwork: Collective Stealth

  • Whenever another Survivor finishes healing you, you both leave no scratch marks as long as you stay within 12 meters of the Survivor who healed you or until one of you loses a health state. 
  • Teamwork: Collective Stealth can only trigger once every 180/160/140 seconds. Survivors can only be affected by one Teamwork: Collective Stealth effect at a time.

Those are all of Renato Lyra's Dead by Daylight perks from the newest chapter, Tools of Torment.

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