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Dead By Daylight Chapter 27 Release Time Countdown, Killer Confirmed and Everything We Know So Far

Wondering what will be included in Dead by Daylight chapter 27? Let's go over the killer, survivor, and map.
Dead By Daylight Chapter 27 Release Time Countdown, Killer Confirmed and Everything We Know So Far

With the recent release of Dead by Daylight's Forged in Fog chapter, the horror game's Chapter 26 is now in the books. As such, fans are looking forward to the characters that might be included in the upcoming chapter, which is set to release early next year.

Dead by Daylight's upcoming Chapter 27 includes the killer the Skull Merchant, and twin survivors Renato Lyra and Thalita Lyra. Let's go over everything we know right now about Dead by Daylight Chapter 27 right now, including all the info we know about the killer and survivors.

Countdown To The Start Of Dead By Daylight Chapter 27

Latest News

1 March 2023 - Tools of Torment Launch Is Getting Near

It's not long now until the launch of Dead by Daylight’s Tools Of Torment Chapter.

The new chapter, and new killer, will arrive on March 7.

24 February 2023 - New changes to Tools of Torment PTB

It’s been about a week since the Tools of Torment Public Test Build (PTB) went live, and Behaviour Interactive has a few changes in mind for the game.

The changes are fairly extensive so we advise hopping over to the latest Dead By Daylight article to read through all the various balance adjustments which the devs have prepared for the Chapter’s release on March 7th. 

Of course, we'll be sure to share updated patch notes once they're released.

February 16 - New Chapter 27 'Tools of Torment' Behind The Scenes Video

The Dead By Daylight: Tools Of Torment Chapter brings The Skull Merchant, Renato Lyra, and Thalita Lyra into The Fog.

But ahead of the chapter's release on March 7, the team at Behavior Interactive has released a brand new behind-the-scenes video giving you a few insights from the development team.

February 15 - Chapter 27 Tools of Torment, Now Live!

The new Tools of Torment Chapter is now live on the DBD PTB. 

It features a new killer, The Skull Merchant, and two new survivors, Renato Lyra and Thalita Lyra.

It also includes a visual update for the Red Forest Realm, customizable loadouts for Survivor bots, and various quality-of-life features & balance changes.

And for those who haven't seen it, here's the new trailer.

February 15 - New Chapter Day!

Today is the day!

Stay tuned for more details leading up to the release of DBD Chapter 27 - Tools of Torment, which should arrive on the PTB later this afternoon.

February 14 - Another teaser for whatever that new killer is
February 13 - What's in the box!?

Behavior Interactive got us doing our best Detective David Mills impression.

February 10 - Chapter 27 Tools of Torment Announced

Behavior Interactive has announced Dead by Daylight: Tools Of Torment, the upcoming 27th Chapter of the game.

Take a look at the teaser trailer below and watch out for more details on February 15.

February 8 - Chapter 27 Coming Next Week?

Leaks would suggest that the Chapter 27 PTB could kick off next week on 14 February, with potentially the new Chapter launching on 7 March.

But remember, whilst the new chapter could be weeks away from launching on live servers,  if the PTB is coming next week, we should learn more about the new Chapter 27 killer, survivors, and map.

Either way, it's going to be an exciting next few weeks.

January 30 - Dead By Daylight X Dying Light Leaks?

Could Chapter 27 be a Dying Light x Dead by Daylight collaboration? According to these leaks spotted by known leaker and dataminer Leaks by Daylight, it just might be! There are several hints leading us to believe that a Dying Light collab is in the works.

First, Dying Light's Twitter responded to a post by DBD mentioning the perk 'Dying Light' in the Shrine of Secrets from the latter game; it wouldn't be the first time that the perk has been in the Shrine, but it's the first time the Dying Light team has responded to it.

Just a day later, the Dying Light team posted a picture of Dying Light characters sitting around a campfire, a very possible reference to Dead by Daylight, in which the survivors sit around a campfire between trials.

January 11 - FNAF Chapter Soon? Here's What We Think

The Five Nights At Freddy's Movie is in the works, and filming will begin in February 2023. The franchise is going stronger than ever, so could this mean we'll get a Five Nights x Dead by Daylight chapter? We haven't heard any news yet, but we definitely think this could be a plausible crossover!

January 4 - Chapter 27 News Coming Soon?

As we enter the new year, Behaviour still hasn't released any news about Chapter 27. While they're keeping the cat in the bag for now, it's possible we'll hear something new in late January 2023.

After all, we usually hear at least a few leaks or hints as to what the next chapter will be a few months prior to its release.

December 22 - Still no fresh Chapter 27 news

It looks like we'll have to wait until the new year for any developments or leaks on the next chapter, killer and survivor for Dead By Daylight.

November 30 - Dead Space Chapter Leaked?

A Dead by Daylight x Dead Space crossover might be coming soon. A Dead by Daylight: Dead Space Chapter page was found on the website for digital game retailer Instant Gaming.

But is it real? It's hard to say at this point, but we're keeping our fingers crossed.

dead by daylight dead space leaks
A webpage containing potential information about the Dead Space chapter was found in November 2022. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

When Will Dead By Daylight Chapter 27 Be Released?

Dead by Daylight releases a new chapter roughly every three months. Chapter 26 'Forged in Fog' was released on November 22, 2022.

According to the Dead By Daylight 2022-2023 Roadmap, Chapter 27 - Tools of Torment is set to release in March 2023.

Dead By Daylight Chapter 27 Killer And Survivors

skull merchant tools of torment
The Skull Merchant is Chapter 27- Tools of Torments' new killer. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The new Dead by Daylight Chapter 27 - Tools of Torment features the killer The Skull Merchant (also known as Adriana Imai), a self-made millionaire who can place Drones to detect and Expose survivors.

The two new survivors are Renato Lyra and Thalita Lyra,a pair of twins. The Lyras bring with them a new type of perk, Teamwork perks, which encourage survivors to work together and offer them special benefits for doing so.

The new chapter also includes a major update to one of Dead by Daylight's "worst" maps according to fans - Shelter Woods - with a new area for the Skull Merchant called the Hunting Camp.

Skull Merchant Killer Power

The Skull Merchant's power is called "Eyes in the Sky" and gives her the ability to deploy Drones.

Eyes In The Sky

  • The Skull Merchant starts the Trial with 4 Drones.

Special Ability: Deploy Drone

  • Press the Power button to deploy a Drone.

Active Mode:

  • The deployed Drone automatically enters Active Mode after a short boot-up sequence.
  • In Active Mode, the Drone creates a circular Detection Zone around it and Players inside the Detection Zone experience the following effects:
  • Survivors: gain Lock On progress.
  • The Skull Merchant: receives the UndetectableStatus Effect after 2 seconds, which lingers for 2 seconds after leaving the Detection Zone.
  • If no Survivor is detected within the Detection Zone for a while, the Drone switches to Scouting Mode.

Scouting Mode:

  • In Scouting Mode, the Drone carries out a sweeping scan of its surroundings by emitting two Laser beams.
    A Survivor crossing the Laser beam or just entering its Area of Effect while having a Claw Trap attached to them immediately causes the Drone to switch into Active Mode.
  • Survivors can walk up to a Drone while avoiding the Laser beams to attempt Hacking it without being detected.

Special Effect: Lock On

  • While a Survivor is within the Detection Zone of a Drone, the Lock On effect builds over 10 seconds, after which a Survivor is fully Locked On and experiences the following effects:
  • Triggers Killer Instinct while inside the Detection Zone.
  • Suffers from a permanent ExposedStatus Effect, which lingers for 60 seconds after leaving the Detection Zone.

Special Interaction: Inspect Radar

  • Press and hold the Active Ability button to bring up a Radar.
    While inspecting the Radar, Survivors who are within the Detection Zone of a Drone or those who carry an active Claw Trap will have their position revealed to you as a dot on the Radar.

Special Interaction: Recall/Activate Drone

While aiming at a Drone, press the Interaction button to recall it to your inventory or press the Attack button while it is in Scouting Mode to force it into Active Mode.

Special Interaction: Hack Drone/Claw Trap

  • When approaching a Drone, a Survivor can attempt to hack the Drone and disable it.
    Hacking a Drone prompts a unique Quick Time Event for the Survivor:
  • A successful Hack disables the Drone for 10 seconds before it returns to The Skull Merchant.
  • A failed Hack causes the Drone to enter Active Mode, attaches a Claw Trap to the Survivor, and causes them to be immediately Locked On.
  • A Claw Trap that has run out of its battery charge can be also Hacked, prompting the same Quick Time Event for the Survivor:
  • A successful Hack removes the Claw Trap.
  • A failed Hack causes the Claw Trap to recharge its battery by +25 %.

Special Trap: Claw Trap

  • A Claw Trap continuously broadcasts the Survivor's position to the Radar of The Skull Merchant for 45 seconds, after which its battery dies.
    If a Survivor comes within range of a Drone, the battery of the Claw Trap is instantly recharged and the Drone will immediately enter Active Mode.
  • A Survivor carrying a Claw Trap is unable to HackDrones, as they will simply fly up and remain out of their reach.
    They will also see all Drones as being in Active Mode, regardless of their actual Mode.

The Skull Merchant Killer Perks

skull merchant
The Skull Merchant comes with three new perks that fit her no-nonsense personality. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)
Adriana Imai Perks Description
Game Afoot

While you are chasing the Obsession, Game Afoot activates. Whenever you hit the Survivor with the total most time in Chase with a Basic Attack, they become the Obsession. Grants a 5 % Haste Status Effect for 8/9/10 seconds after damaging a Generator or breaking a Breakable Wall or Pallet.


Each time you hook a Survivor, Leverage activates and gains 1 Token, up to a maximum of 10 Tokens. For each Token, the Healing speed of Survivors is reduced by a stack-able 3/4/5 % for the next 30 seconds, up to a maximum of 30/40/50 %.


After hooking a Survivor, THWACK! activates for the next 45/60/75 seconds. The next time you break a Breakable Wall or a Pallet, all Survivors within 32 metres of your location will scream and reveal their Aura for 4 seconds.

Renato and Thalita Lyra Survivor Perks

thanato lyra
The new survivors in the Tools of Torment chapter are a pair of twins. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)
Thalita Lyra Perks Description
Cut Loose

After performing a rushed vault in a Chase, Cut Loose activates for the next 4/5/6 seconds. Suppresses both the Loud Noise Notification and the sound effects triggered by rushing to vault during this time. Successfully performing a rushed vault while Cut Loose is active resets the timer. Cut Loose has a cool-down of 45 seconds.

Friendly Competition

Whenever you complete a Generator with at least one other Survivor, Friendly Competition activates. Increases your Repair speed, and that of the other Survivor(s) who completed the repairs with you, by +5 % for the next 45/60/75 seconds.

Teamwork: Power of Two

Whenever you finish healing another Survivor, Teamwork: Power of Two activates and both you and the healed Survivor benefit from the following effect: Grants a 5% Haste Status Effect for as long as you stay within 12 metres of one another or one of you loses a Health State. Teamwork: Power of Two has a cool-down of 180/160/140 seconds. Survivors can only be affected by one instance of Teamwork: Power of Two at a time.

Renato Lyra Perks Description
Background Player

After unhooking another Survivor, break into a sprint at 150 % of your normal Running Movement speed for 6 seconds. Background Player causes the Exhausted Status Effect for 60/50/40 seconds. Background Player cannot be used when Exhausted.

Blood Rush Once you are one Hook away from instant death, Blood Rush activates. Press the Active Ability button to lose a Health State and instantly recover from the Exhausted Status Effect. Causes the Broken Status Effect for 28/24/20 seconds, while you are automatically healing back to Healthy. Cancels the healing effect upon taking damage. Blood Rush is disabled for the remainder of the trial after use.
Teamwork: Collective Stealth Whenever another Survivor finishes healing you, Teamwork: Collective Stealth activates and both you and the Survivor who healed you benefit from the following effect: Suppresses your Scratch Marks for as long as you stay within 12 metres of one another or one of you loses a Health State. Teamwork: Collective Stealth has a cool-down of 180/160/140 seconds. Survivors can only be affected by one instance of Teamwork::Collective Stealth at a time.

Shelter Woods Hunting Camp

The new update also includes changes to the Shelter Woods map. Dead by Daylight's developers added a high-tech hunting camp that belongs to The Skull Merchant, complete with bright purple LEDs that make the map look like a scene out of Fortnite rather than Dead by Daylight!

The new outdoor area by the Hunting Camp also includes some standing corpses, suggesting that Behaviour might be tipping its toes into exploring some more gorey themes for Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight Chapter 28 Speculation

Following the announcement of Chapter 27, let's take a look at what's in store for Chapter 28. Fans have been wanting a Five Night's at Freddy's chapter for years, and it's possible that Dead by Daylight's next upcoming chapter could finally introduce the terrifying animatronic killer Springtrap. Past surveys have asked what franchises fans would like to see added to the game, and Five Night's at Freddy's has been included every time, suggesting that Behaviour has a real interest in partnering with Five Night's at Freddy's.

Considering this is one of the most asked-for chapters of all time, it's highly likely that a Springtrap chapter could be over the horizon, especially with recent huge licenses like For Honor and another Resident Evil chapter being added to Dead by Daylight's roster.

Like Springtrap, Candyman is a chapter that many fans have desired for a long time. With the recent release of a new Candyman movie, it seems even more likely that this is the perfect time to introduce this new killer to the game. It is also possible that Dead by Daylight's chapter 28 could feature another original killer created by Behaviour Interactive. After all, the past several chapters have featured licensed killers and survivor.

That's all we know right now about Dead by Daylight Chapter 27, including the potential killer, survivor, map, and lore. As Behaviour releases more information about this upcoming chapter, we'll make sure to be the first to let you know.

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