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Dead By Daylight - All Thalita Lyra Perks

Here are all of Thalita Lyra's perks from the new Dead by Daylight - Tools of Torment chapter.
Dead By Daylight - All Thalita Lyra Perks

The newest Dead by Daylight chapter, Chapter 27 - Tools of Torment, introduced a new killer and not just one, but two survivors! This duo of survivors are twins, known as Thalita Lyra and Renato Lyra, and each of them has unique lore, perks, and more.

As with every new chapter, each of the survivors comes with their own three perks. In this article, let's go over all of Thalita Lyra's perks so you can familiarize yourself with them before the chapter goes live.

Dead By Daylight - All Thalita Lyra Perks

Cut Loose

  • After performing a rushed vault in a chase, this Perk activates. While active, your rushed vaults are silent for up to 4/5/6 seconds, and successfully performing a rushed vault during that time resets the timer. This perk goes on cool-down for 45 seconds.

Friendly Competition

  • Whenever you finish Repairing a Generator with at least one other Survivor, this Perk activates. You and other Survivors who finished Repairing the Generator with you get 5% increased Repair progress speed for 45/60/75 seconds. Survivors can only have one instance of this Perk’s ability active at once.

Teamwork: Power of Two

  • Whenever you finish healing another Survivor, you both move 5% faster as long as you stay within 12 meters of the Survivor you healed or until one
  • of you loses a Health State. Teamwork: Power of Two can only trigger once every 180/160/140 seconds. Survivors can only be affected by one Teamwork: Power of Two effect at a time.

Those are all of Thalita Lyra's perks in Dead by Daylight from the Tools of Torment chapter. Stay tuned for updates and changes if Behaviour Interactive tweaks these perks before the chapter goes live in three weeks!

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