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The Best Hag Builds In Dead By Daylight (April 2024)

Here are the top Hag builds, loadouts and perks for the killer in the game Dead by Daylight.
The Best Hag Builds In Dead By Daylight (April 2024)
8 April 2024 - We've updated the page to reflect any recent changes to perks and abilities that might impact the best Hag builds in Dead By Daylight.

The Hag is one of the hardest killers to learn how to play in the horror game Dead by Daylight, according to most players. She is slower than the average killer and instead must use her power to catch up to survivors and catch them off guard. That said, it is possible to kill all four survivors as this killer if you know how to play her well.

We are here to help you out if you want to improve your gameplay as this challenging killer. Here is your guide to The Hag, including her power, perks, and the best loadout available for her.

hag dead by daylight power perks
The Hag's power allows her to teleport across the map when her traps are triggered. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Hag Power And Perks

To pick out the best perks for The Hag, you'll first need to understand her power and how it works so you can think about how the game's many perks may be able to complement it.

You should also learn more about The Hag's own teachable perks since they come with the killer by default and can be used together to earn Adept Hag.

Let's go over all of The Hag's perks:

Hex: The Third Seal

  • Hitting a Survivor with a basic attack while the Hex Totem is active applies the Blindness status effect. The Hex effects persist as long as the related Hex Totem is standing.

Hex: Ruin

  • While a generator is not being repaired, it will automatically regress its repair progress at an increased rate. The Hex effects persist as long as the related Hex Totem is standing.

Hex: Devour Hope

  • Devour Hope receives a Token each time a Survivor is rescued.
  • With 2 tokens, gain Haste after hooking a survivor.
  • With 3, all Survivors suffer from the Exposed status effect.
  • 5 tokens grant the ability to kill Survivors by your own hand.
  • The Hex effects persist as long as the related Hex Totem is standing.

The Hag's power is called Blackened Catalyst, which allows her to trap areas and teleport instantly to triggered traps.

The in-game description reads:

Blackened Catalyst

  • The Source of The Hag’s power, is a blackened finger used as a catalyst for her terrible power. The Hag bends and shapes mud to her will.
  • With simple ritualistic drawings, she creates deceitful duplicates of herself, made from mud and decay, which she can use for various effects.
  • Grants the ability to create and maintain 10 Phantasm traps.
  • Grants the ability to immediately travel to triggered Phantasm traps.

Best Hag Builds In Dead By Daylight

hag dead by daylight loadout build
When creating a loadout for Hag, keep in mind that she is a slow killer. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Hag relies on the help of perks to succeed since she is a particularly slow killer and her power takes some time to set up.

That said, she is a pretty versatile killer when played correctly, and Hag players have the privilege of being able to experiment with lots of different loadouts. Here are just a few of the best possible builds for The Hag.

Beginner Hag Build

When starting as a new Hag main, it can be hard to figure out what perks to use. That's why we've put together this beginner Hag build using only perks that come with The Hag or can be found in any killer's Bloodweb.

  • Hex: Ruin (The Hag)
  • Sloppy Butcher
  • Whispers
  • Hex: The Third Seal (The Hag)

As we mentioned, The Hag is a slow killer and needs to set up her traps, so it can take her some time to get started at the beginning of the match. Hex: Ruin and Sloppy Butcher both provide much-needed slowdown, while Whispers helps her find survivors. Hex: The Third Seal will help you catch survivors off guard and supplement the rest of your perks by inflicting Blindness.

Insta-Down Hag Build

The Hag is a totally unique killer, given that her power is not meant to be used in chase but rather to create a web of traps for survivors to fall into. This insta-down Hag build provides her with enough time to set up and then empowers her to get instant downs, patching up her weakness in chase.

  • Hex: Devour Hope (The Hag)
  • Make Your Choice (The Pig)
  • Agitation (The Trapper)
  • Scourge Hook: Monstrous Shrine

Hex: Devour Hope and Make Your Choice both give you the ability to insta-down survivors in certain situations, making you more powerful and giving you an edge you wouldn't otherwise have. Agitation helps you get far enough away from the rest of the survivors to get value from both of those perks, while Monstrous Shrine ensures that survivors on distant hooks die more quickly. While using this build, the strategy is to get a hook and then go across the map and find another survivor.

What Are The Best Perks For The Hag?

Those are all the best builds for The Hag, but you might still be wondering which individual perks work best on this killer. After all, creating your own builds can be fun and allow you to try new playstyles.

You can mix and match the following perks to create an incredible build for The Hag:

  • A Nurse's Calling (The Nurse)
  • Corrupt Intervention (The Plague)
  • Hex: Ruin (The Hag)

  • Hex: Devour Hope (The Hag)
  • Save The Best For Last (The Shape)

We recommend mixing and matching the perks in the builds we've provided to create your favorite loadout. As you familiarize yourself with this killer, you'll determine which perks are your favorites and be able to mix and match these perks effectively.

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