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The Best Stealth Builds For Dead by Daylight Survivors

These are the best Dead by Daylight survivor builds for stealth.
The Best Stealth Builds For Dead by Daylight Survivors

While many Dead by Daylight Survivors love to draw the killer's attention and loop them for as long as possible, some players prefer a more stealthy approach. If you prefer to evade the killer and spend your time completing objectives like generators or applying Boons to totems to help your team, a stealth build might come to your benefit. Whether you're playing in a SWF or on your own, here are some of the best Dead by Daylight survivor stealth builds in the game, so you can evade the killer for as long as possible.

The Best Stealth Builds In Dead By Daylight

While all of our stealth builds will help you evade the killer, there are many different ways to approach a stealthy playstyle in DBD thanks to the many Survivor perks available. To help you out in finding your most ideal one, we've put together a list of three unique survivor stealth builds to try out.

stealth dead by daylight
Stealth can be an important survivor strategy. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

1. Fast & Sneaky

You'll want to avoid interactions with the killer when using stealth as a survivor, but sometimes, they're inevitable. This build will help you effectively evade the killer, and ensure that they won't be able to track you via scratch marks if they do happen to spot you.

  • Iron Will
  • Quick & Quiet
  • Poised
  • Boon: Shadow Step

Iron Will will ensure that you're silent, severely dampening the killer's ability to track you through sound. Quick & Quiet mutes your vault loud noise notification, which can throw them off in chase if you happen to be in one. Poised and Boon: Shadow Step will both hide your scratch marks - with Poised hiding them after you finish a generator, and Shadow Step hiding them within a certain range after you bless a totem.

2. Alert & Alive

When doing your best to remain stealthy, you'll want to make sure you know the locations of all objectives around the map so you can focus on what's important. This build helps you do just that, giving you some great map knowledge. You may want to bring along a map for additional map sense.

  • Alert
  • Kindred
  • Detective's Hunch
  • Lithe

Alert and Kindred will both tip you off to the killers' location at key points: when they break a pallet and are thus in chase with another survivor (or close behind you), and when a survivor is hooked, respectively. You'll also know your teammates' locations using Kindred, which can give you more context about what's going on around the map and what areas to avoid. Detective's Hunch gives you the locations of objectives throughout the match, letting you know where generators and key objects like totems are. Finally, Lithe ensures that if you get caught out by the killer while working on objectives, you'll be able to quickly evade them - and you should generally know if they're coming, given your set of perks in this loadout.

stealth perks
Stealth perks can help you avoid interactions with the killer. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

3. Advantageous Injuries

While it's possible to employ stealth from the moment you step into the trial, some other players prefer to exercise stealth in the form of a sneaky escape. That's where the Advantageous Injuries build comes into play, allowing you to grab a little attention from the killer and buy your team some team before you stun the killer and sneak back into the shadows.

  • Overcome
  • Resilience
  • Quick & Quiet
  • Parental Guidance

Resilience gives you some extra vault speed when Injured, while Overcome grants you extra speed for a few seconds after you're injured. These two perks can combine for some awesome moves in chase. Quick & Quiet and Parental Guidance make sure that when you vault a window or stun the killer, respectively, you'll be well on your way to the escape already.

Those are some of our favorite Dead by Daylight stealth builds. If you're considering taking on a stealthy playstyle, you might want to consider playing one of Dead by Daylight's quietest survivors.

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