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Dead by Daylight's Massive 3x Bloodpoint Event Returns This Month

Feast on 3x Bloodpoints during Dead by Daylight's upcoming Bloodfeast.
Dead by Daylight's Massive 3x Bloodpoint Event Returns This Month
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's 3x Bloodpoint event, the Bloodfeast, is coming back to the game after 7 years, according to leaker DBDNews. The event will last from 16 May until 23 May, giving players a whole week to rack up the Bloodpoints. Throughout the event, both killer and survivor players will earn a massive 3x Bloodpoints in all public matches. Combined with Bloodpoint offerings like Bloody Party Streamers, this can amount to some major gains!

The last Bloodfeast took place during August 2016, and was the only game's Bloodfeast to date. Other Bloodpoint-boosting celebrations have taken place frequently throughout the years, but none have offered quite as many Bloodpoints as the original Bloodfeast.

This Bloodfeast is set to be even better than the last, though, with even more festivities and even more Bloodpoints to go around. The prior Bloodfeast only lasted four days, as compared to this May's full week-long Bloodfeast. It's unknown whether the team will bring the event back yet again after this, but it's great to see an event that gives players so much in-game currency coming back at least once.

But the celebrations don't end there. The event coincides with the Chaos Shuffle modifier, which will allow players to join matches with a set of random perks (including both owned perks and non-owned ones). The Bloodfeast going on while this modifier is active will no doubt encourage tons of players to play the game throughout May both to get boosted Bloodpoints and to check out the brand-new mode.

The Dead by Daylight team has also released a roadmap for the game in May, outlining all of the cosmetics, events, and updates that will be added to the game this month. Stay tuned for more updated as the event nears!

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