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Dead By Daylight Tome 13 Rift Leaks - New Ghostface Cosmetics & More

Here's everything we currently know about the leaked cosmetics for the upcoming Dead by Daylight Rift 13, featuring Ghostface and Mikaela Reid.
Dead By Daylight Tome 13 Rift Leaks - New Ghostface Cosmetics & More

A few months ago, known Dead by Daylight leaker DBDLeaks announced that Tome 13, the next Tome, will be focused on Ghostface and Mikaela Reid.

Recent leaks show the new cosmetics that the killer Ghostface will receive, along with some for other survivors and killers. Here's everything we know about the upcoming Rift 13 cosmetics.

Dead by Daylight Leaked Rift 13 Cosmetics

dead by daylight rift 13 leaked cosmetics ghostface
Several of the upcoming cosmetics for Rift 13 were leaked in late September, including new masks for Ghostface. (Picture: DBDLeaks)

In a 27th September Tweet, known Dead by Daylight leaker and data miner DBDLeaks announced that several cosmetics for the upcoming Dead by Daylight Rift 13 had been leaked.

The Tweet included an image of the Rift banner, showcasing some of the cosmetics from the next Rift.

The leaked image included a photo of Ghostface in a brand new costume, as well as five brand new masks for players to choose from. One of the masks depicted is Ghostface from the Scary Movie franchise, suggesting another possible license.

ghostface dead by daylight
The killer Ghostface will receive several new masks and a new outfit in the upcoming Rift 13, of which he will be the featured killer character. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The image also includes new cosmetics for the characters Meg Thomas, Mikaela Reid, The Wraith, and Adam Francis.

Lastly, the leak includes a picture of the featured Rift charm for this chapter, which is a small raven or crow with a rubber ducky floaty.

These leaked cosmetics come just a few days after more information about the potential upcoming For Honor chapter came to light by the same leaker. If you don't yet know about the upcoming For Honor Dead by Daylight chapter, be sure to read our explanation of the leaks, as they're pretty exciting.

And that's everything we currently know about Dead by Daylight Tome 13's leaked Rift cosmetics, some of which will be for the licensed killer Ghostface and survivor Mikaela Reid. Be sure to stay tuned right here for more information about Tome 13 and Rift 13 as more leaks are released.

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Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive.