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Dead By Daylight May Have Changed One Of The Game's Strongest Loops

Players have pointed out changes to one of DBD's strongest loops in a recent update.
Dead By Daylight May Have Changed One Of The Game's Strongest Loops
(Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's harvesters, on the Coldwind Farm Realm, are some of the game's most infamous loops. With multiple places for survivors to skillfully evade killers, they're no doubt one of the most frustrating places on any map to get caught in a chase with an experienced survivor. However, one Redditor pointed out that these loops are no longer as strong as they once once: there are no longer always hay bales on one side of the harvester following the Halloween update.

"Every single harvester is now a complete drop," they explained in the post on the official Dead by Daylight subreddit, which has already garnered almost 1,000 upvotes and 200 comments from the community.

They removed the haybales from the side of harvesters.. Every single harvester is now a complete drop.
byu/ItsScootyBro indeadbydaylight

The harvesters are large structures with a ramp leading up to a platform; at the top of the ramp and inside the harvester, there is one vault on each side. Prior to the change, one vault would lead to a haybale ramp that would allow killers to easily hit the survivor. The other side led to a haybale with no ramp, requiring killers to vault and then fall down off the haybale again to catch up.

Now, whether there is a haybale there at all appears to be based on RNG, as some players have reported there being a haybale on one side while others report it as always being a straight drop down to the ground.

With no haybale at the harvester, the harvester loop on Coldwind is no longer an exceptionally strong loop for survivors; killers can easily follow them down the vault, preventing them from gaining much distance.

"That's actually a pretty big deal," one Redditor commented. "That's a strong loop."

Another suggested that it's a change in favor of killers and that it may be part of an ongoing trend.

"They’re definitely shifting map designs towards the killers over the last few patches," they added. "Maybe this is the direction they will take moving forward?"

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