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How To Counter Pyramid Head In Dead By Daylight

Learn how to counter Silent Hill's deadly Pyramid Head, also known as The Executioner, in Dead by Daylight.
How To Counter Pyramid Head In Dead By Daylight

Amidst news of a Silent Hill 2 remake and several other upcoming Silent Hill games, the franchise's most iconic monster, Pyramid Head, remains one of the most iconic characters in Dead by Daylight's growing roster of 30 Killers.

If you've ever gone against The Executioner, you know he can be a strong Killer - but that doesn't mean you can't escape if you apply the best tips and tricks to avoid getting hit by him. So if you want to win more games against The Executioner, you're in luck. Here is how to counter Silent Hill's Pyramid Head in Dead by Daylight and survive more trials against him.

Avoid Stepping In Pyramid Head's Trails Of Torment

pyramid head dead by daylight trails of torment
If you don't want to be inflicted by a Trail of Torment, you should avoid coming in contact with the gooey trails Pyramid Head leaves around the map. (Picture: LevelPush / Behaviour Interactive)

If you step into one of Pyramid Head's Trails of Torment, you will immediately become Tormented. In this state, you will be inflicted with several detrimental effects. Specifically, the Killer will be notified of your location by Killer Instinct - but worse, Pyramid Head can transport those who are Tormented to Cages of Atonement.

When using the Cage of Atonement, Pyramid Head can hook you instantly after downing you. Cages of Atonement are a much worse punishment than hooks for Survivors, as beneficial hook perks - and Survivor's immunity after being unhooked - are completely nullified when a Survivor is sent to one. In other words, it's best to avoid being Tormented if possible!

Think Twice About Your Perks

As we mentioned, Pyramid Head's cages operate entirely separately from the hooks you are familiar with. None of the perks that activate upon hooking or unhooking a Survivor will activate. Borrowed Time, Decisive Strike, Off The Record, and similar perks are no use against this Killer if you allow him to Torment you. If you know you're going up against Pyramid Head (such as in a custom match or a tournament), bring along some of the best Survivor perks to help you.

Be Unpredictable

pyramid head dead by daylight attack counters
Pyramid Head's attacks have a moderately long range, but they have a thin area of effect - so be careful to avoid them! (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

The Executioner's secondary attack, Punishment of the Damned, sends out a long-range shockwave in the direction it's fired. The area of effect for this attack is very thin, so it is important to trick Pyramid Head into misfiring, allowing for an easy juke.

You can do this by 'faking' dropping a pallet, vaulting a window, or paying close attention to Pyramid Head's red stain as he chases you. Make unpredictable movements around loops, and do your best to avoid putting yourself in unfavorable positions (a window at the end of a long hallway is a death trap against The Executioner).

That's all you need to know to counter Pyramid Head in Dead by Daylight. With the right strategies, you can win more trials against this Killer, even if he is one of the more powerful characters in the game. Good luck in the fog!

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