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Dead By Daylight - All Albert Wesker Lore Explained

The second Dead by Daylight x Resident Evil chapter is coming up, and with it comes new stories and lore for characters including Albert Wesker.
Dead By Daylight - All Albert Wesker Lore Explained

Dead by Daylight’s world is rich with lore, and with each chapter, that lore deepens. With the addition of Albert Wesker, Ada Wong, and Rebecca Chambers in the Project W chapter, each Resident evil character will receive their own Dead by Daylight lore explaining their lives before the Fog and why and how they ended up there.

In this article, we’ll dive into Albert Wesker’s Dead by Daylight lore and explain how he entered The Fog. Note that this article contains spoilers for the Resident Evil franchise, so turn back if you don’t want to get spoiled on any of the Resident Evil games.

Dead by Daylight - Albert Wesker Lore

albert wesker dead by daylight
Albert Wesker was taken into the Fog in the middle of the events of Resident Evil 5. (Picture: Capcom)

In both Resident Evil and Dead by Daylight, Albert Wesker was a mastermind and a member of Umbrella, but he eventually betrayed the organization in an effort to pursue his own goals.

In order to do so, he faked his own death and created a virus called the Uroboros Virus.

According to official Dead by Daylight lore, Wesker was taken into the Fog after exposing himself to Uroboros in order to test the virus. He intended to use this virus in order to "eliminate the weak and leave only the strong." Wesker uses the Uroboros Virus to infect survivors in the game and uses is Mori to impale survivors.

Wesker uroboros dead by daylight
Wesker uses his deadly Uroboros Virus to infect survivors in Dead by Daylight. (Picture: Capcom)

Because of the presence of the Uroboros Virus and the fact Wesker faking his death is mentioned in his Dead by Daylight lore, it’s likely that the Albert Wesker in Dead by Daylight is the Wesker we see in Resident Evil 5.

Most Dead by Daylight killers are taken into Dead by Daylight’s Fog after doing something terrible; Wesker is no exception. He fits in with most other killers who enjoy their time in the Fog; for example, The Ghost Face, and are known to enjoy the cycle of Dead by Daylight’s horrific trials.

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.

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