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Dead By Daylight PTB Footage Reveals Albert Wesker's Horrifying Mori Kill

Albert Wesker (aka "The Mastermind") from Resident Evil is the newest killer in Dead by Daylight and arguably has the best Moris in the game.
Dead By Daylight PTB Footage Reveals Albert Wesker's Horrifying Mori Kill

Resident Evil Project W will soon release on all Dead by Daylight platforms, and this week, it's available on Steam for players to test on the PTB. As players try out the new characters and features, players have tested out the Mori kill of the new killer in Dead by Daylight, Albert Wesker, also known as The Mastermind.

In case you don't know, Moris are a special kill that differs from throwing the survivor on the hook for the Entity to take them. By burning a Mori offering, the killer can kill survivors with their own hands. Each killer has a unique Mori that represents their personality. This article will detail Albert Wesker's Mori in Dead by Daylight and his special Moris for certain characters.

Dead by Daylight - Albert Wesker Mori

albert wesker dead by daylight
Albert Wesker is Dead by Daylight's newest killer, and his Mori is terrifying - and in character. (Picture: Capcom)

Albert Wesker's Mori utilizes the Uroboros Virus, which is crucial to his power in the game as he infects survivors. During his Mori, Wesker punches the ground, shooting out black tendrils; this is caused by the Uroboros Virus that comes out of the survivors' mouths.

This Mori is unique in that the survivor fights back; in most Moris, the survivor has little input. At the beginning of Wesker's Mori, the survivor gives him a quick punch. The video below shows the killer's POV of Albert Wesker doing his animations.

You can also check out Wesker's Mori from the survivor's POV. It's violent and a little unsettling like most of the game's Moris, but it definitely fits in with the horror theme. 

Fans of Resident Evil will also love the touches and references to the game, such as the tendrils from the Uroboros Virus impaling the survivor.

Albert Wesker - Chris Redfield Mori

Wesker also has a special Mori voice line for when he uses a Mori on Chris Redfield to reflect their dynamic and rivalry in the games. When performing the Mori, he says, "Time to die, Chris." You can view Wesker's Mori on Chris Redfield in the video embedded below.

So now you know what Albert Wesker's Mori looks like in Dead by Daylight -- and you've even seen his special Chris Redfield Mori. Enjoy this sneak peek before the chapter goes live on all platforms in a few weeks!

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom.

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