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Dead By Daylight - Best Wesker Builds

Looking to dominate in Dead by Daylight as The Mastermind? Here are all of the best builds and perks in Dead by Daylight for Albert Wesker.
Dead By Daylight - Best Wesker Builds

The upcoming Dead by Daylight chapter features Resident Evil's iconic villain, Albert Wesker, as the killer. He comes with a unique ability, allowing him to infect survivors with the Uroboros Virus and throw them across the map.

Because his ability is so unique, Wesker finds strength in perks that some other killers might not be able to use to their full potential. Let's break down the best builds for Albert Wesker, The Mastermind, in Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight - Best Wesker Builds

albert wesker dead by daylight
These are the best builds for Albert Wesker, also known as The Mastermind. (Picture: Capcom)

With his Virulent Bound power, Wesker can cover lots of distance at once and subsequently deal damage to survivors, throwing them across the map and even into one another.

The best Wesker builds make use of his mobility and strength in chase, while giving him more stopping power when it comes to generators.

Try out these perks on Wesker for one of the best Mastermind builds:

  • Tinkerer (The Hillbilly)
  • Pop Goes The Weasel (The Clown)
  • Terminus (The Mastermind)
  • Superior Anatomy (The Mastermind)

By using this build, you'll be able to apply pressure consistently throughout the match and prevent survivors from completing generators with Tinkerer and Pop Goes The Weasel.

generator survivor dead by daylight
Prevent survivors from completing generators using Tinkerer and Pop Goes The Weasel, or try out other regression perks. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Tinkerer helps you know where to focus your efforts, while Pop Goes The Weasel does substantial damage to near-finished generators. Superior Anatomy gives you an even better chance of winning chases throughout the match.

Terminus ensures that you can catch any survivors still left in the trial during the end-game, giving you the last chance to protect the exit gate and earn those final kills.

You can swap out Pop Goes The Weasel for other generator regression perks, like Merciless Storm, if you're interested in playing with different perks and switching up your approach slightly.

Some perks work extraordinarly well on Wesker across the board, but everyone's playstyle is different; don't be afraid to test out various perks to see which work for you.

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Featured image courtesy of Capcom / Behaviour Interactive.