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Dead by Daylight Ghost Month Event Leaked - Everything We Know So Far

A new Dead by Daylight event called Ghost Month was leaked by data miners. Here's everything we know so far.
Dead by Daylight Ghost Month Event Leaked - Everything We Know So Far

Dead by Daylight holds events fairly frequently; from the winter events to Halloween events to the annual anniversary event, there's always something going on in the game for survivors and killers to enjoy. 

Dead by Daylight data miners recently found evidence of a new leaked event called Ghost Month, as well as some other banners for upcoming events. 

There has never been a Ghost Month event before, so in this article, we'll tell you everything we know so far and speculate about the event's festivities. 

Dead by Daylight Ghost Month - Everything We Know

dead by daylight greek legends sale
Among the banners leaked was one announcing a sale on the Greek Legends cosmetics. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive)

Known data miner Leaks by Daylight announced on 26th July on their blog that they found multiple banners for future Dead by Daylight events in the game's files. Leaks by Daylight has accurately predicted changes and events in the game many times before, including past winter, anniversary, and Halloween events. 

The leaked banners included a Greek Legends Collection sale banner, which of course, implies there will be an upcoming sale on the Greek Legends-themed cosmetics.

Perhaps more interestingly, the other two banners read 'Ghost Month' and 'Character Event.'

Dead by daylight character event
A banner was leaked suggesting a new type of event called a Character Event. (Picture: Behaviour Interactive/Leaks by Daylight)

The Character Event banner features the classic Dead by Daylight announcement background, suggesting that it will be used to announce an event on the game's website and the in-game News HUD. It may be related to Ghost Month, but it could also be its own separate event. Like Ghost Month, there has never been a 'Character Event' in Dead by Daylight before. 

The Ghost Month banner shows the Yamaoka Estate map in the background, suggesting that the event may have something to do with this map or its associated characters.

The Spirit is a type of ghost, so the event may focus on her. Alternatively, this could be a Ghost Face-themed event, though Dead by Daylight rarely hosts events or releases new content focused on licensed characters.

The event will likely hit the game in the next few weeks to the next few months, so be sure to keep an eye out to learn what this event is all about! 

Note that because this information comes from leaks, you should take it with a grain of salt. 

And that's all. For more Dead by Daylight guides, leaks, tips, and news, be sure to check out our dedicated category!


Featured image courtesy of Behaviour Interactive. 

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